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FEM&M is a fresh, feminist focused literary and visual arts magazine.

We unite people and pull apart concepts.

We invite you to write, draw, laugh, and take up space through our digital and printed mediums.

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  • boy-band
When you think of a boyband, what comes to mind? Probably a very homogenous group of young pop singers that exist to make money and shill out for young girls. There's typically very little substance, and more often than not, there isn't anything to come away. boy-band magazine exists as a subversion to the idealized boyband, and is a space where a diverse group of new-age thinkers can bring content that'll leave the consumer cultured and just as entertained. boy-band is a quarterly magazine that is split into two halves: a lifestyle section and a literary section. The lifestyle section mostly focuses on conscious living, fashion, and entertainment, while the literary section features F&M authors and poets. Welcome to boy-band: creative; subversive.