Class of 2022

  • An Ly

Clementine Ly is a film major (and potential studio art minor!) from rural Pennsylvania.  She's considering going into film school or maybe just heading to LA to pursue her movie-making dreams, or something along those lines. When she's not in class or the House, she's learning emboidery, having picnics, or thrift shopping.

  • Sterling Nelson

Sterling Nelson is a senior at F&M from Staten Island, New York. She is currently trying to narrow down her wide array of interests and is undeclared. Apart from her time working and going to class, she loves creative writing, competitive archery, and chatting with friends.

  • Cameron Purdy

Cameron Purdy is an  English and Music double major from Windsor, Connecticut. On campus, she is involved in credit voice lessons, chamber singers, and theatre. Outside of classes, she can be found singing in Meyran, humming in Arts House, or whistling in Buchanan park. She loves pineapple on pizza and getting into pointless but heated debates (sometimes about pineapple on pizza).

Class of 2023 

  • Tegan Baldini

Tegan Baldini is a Biology and English Literature joint major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She loves good food and trying new restaurants, especially in her new hometown of Lancaster, and is involved in Spoon University. Her other interests include reading, traveling (she can’t wait to go abroad during her time at F&M), and performing in and watching theatre. While diligent in pursuing academic excellence, she attends concerts of her favorite bands as often as possible. In her spare time, you can find her wandering around campus with friends, explaining why Ravenclaw is the best Hogwarts house, or watching The Good Place in her dorm room.

  • Mariel Carter

Mariel Paces Carter is a junior from Central New Jersey, intending to major in English Literature. Besides reading and writing, she is extremely involved in instrumental music, and plays the clarinet in Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, and the clarinet studio on campus. Mariel is a competitive napper, sticker enthusiast, and Shakespeare lover. 

Lauren Proffitt

Lauren Proffitt is a junior at F&M this year. She is from Lancaster, and has two dogs, two cats, and a fish (but they live at her house).  She doesn’t know what she wants to do at F&M, but it will probably have something to do with Studio Art. When she’s not studying or working, she can be found taking care of plants in her room, or walking around Downtown Lancaster.

  • Will Scouten

Will Scouten is a junior at F&M with the intention of being an English major. He is from South Carolina. Contrary to the popular belief, he does not enjoy sweet tea or grits. When not in class or working, Will is a member of the Xtreme sports club, and he enjoys finding time to read and write. Most of the time, however, he can be found with a smile on his face, hanging out with his friends.

Class of 2024

  • photo of Simon Cull

 Simon Cull is an intended History (and maybe English-creative writing) major from Central New Jersey, where he is an advocate for its existence and the elimination of the North-South Jersey binary. In his free time, Simon enjoys reading, creative writing, the outdoors, and video games. He is pictured here with a very large leaf.

  • photo of Louisa Esposito

 Louisa Esposito is a sophomore at F&M who intends on majoring in English with a focus in creative writing. She is from South Jersey and lives in a small town that is just 10-15 minutes outside of Atlantic City and went to high school in Ocean City. For this reason, at home, you can always find her spending time at the beach or the bay. She has a red siberian husky named Thor at home whom she loves very much even though he can be very energetic and thus, can be a handful at times. So far, she is a part of SAGA and SISTERS and hopes to become involved in even more clubs and organizations during her time at F&M. In her free time, she can be found listening to music, creating digital art, working on her current novel, running, taking nature walks, and spending time with the lovely friends that she has made here at F&M.

  • photo of Alison Waller

 Alison Waller is a prospective English major on the Creative Writing track from Downingtown, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the F&M Dance Company and writes for the College Reporter. In Alison’s free time, she enjoys planning her outfits for the entire week and arguing that Parks and Recreation is miles better than The Office. Alison’s favorite genres to write are creative nonfiction and poetry

Past Staff 

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