Tutor Recruitment 2022-2023

Since its founding in 1978, the Writing Center has been staffed by some of the best students F&M has to offer—recipients of departmental awards, members of various honor societies, and even nine Williamson Medalists. Writing Center tutors work with writers from across all academic disciplines in one-on-one sessions, helping F&M students learn how to become more effective writers.  In this role, tutors provide an invaluable service to the College’s educational mission.

Tutors report enjoying a job in which they act, and are treated, as professionals.  Using their academic and interpersonal skills, they derive satisfaction from helping their peers.  But, once at the Center, they appreciate the added bonus of getting to know and work with the other tutors.  As one recent Writing Center alumnus explained, “When I got this job, I thought it would be a good way to earn money and help my résumé.  What I discovered was that I became a member of a group of smart, funny, and unique individuals.”

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Working at the Center 

Tutor Reflections

Tutors reflect on what working in the Writing Center means to them.  

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