"Why I Love My Job"

  • writing center 2014

A wonderful vision is nothing without an approachable message that convinces others to share that vision. This is why we practice writing though so many of us struggle with it. Most of the writing we do in our lives, when you think about it, all boils down to communication—something we all struggle with, be it in our personal relationships, work place dynamics, and of course exchanges in academic discourse. Working with students, helping them see that they too can be strong communicators, simply by trying new approaches, thinking outside the box, and using the power of discussion to elevate their ideas, is especially empowering because I can practically see the seeds of great ideas sprouting into confident assertions and arguments.

I love being a tutor because I enjoy watching people shine. As a tutor, I get to know new students and help them accomplish their goals. No two students are the same, just like no two sessions are the same. Through my time working at the writing center, I’ve gained special appreciation for the inherent individuality that drives each of our learning processes. As a tutor, I get the chance to explore tutees’  uniqueness, helping them see why their individuality is an asset, so that they can be successful in whatever passions they wish to pursue, both at F&M and beyond. 

-Courtney Rinden '16 

I love being a tutor because of the breadth of academic work that comes into the Center. Tutoring has exposed me to all kinds of interesting classes that I haven't had the chance to take during my time here. My job at the Writing Center has given me a real appreciation of the liberal arts and the amazing amount of learning that goes on every day at F&M! 

-Victoria Harris '16


1) I'm part of a diverse team of amazing, kind, funny, intelligent, and talented people who have become my 2nd family. 

2) I get to help others with ideas and have conversations with people about subjects they are passionate about

3) I get to meet new people and make new friends

4) I get to study at and use the Writing Center whenever I want.

Others should want to be writing tutors because they get to have one of the best jobs on campus where one actually LOOKS FORWARD to going to work, whether it's because they get to hang out with other tutors, work with students on developing and organizing their papers, or just come to the cozy and comfortable Writing Center. The perks are endless! I wouldn't trade it for any other job. Honestly, it's one of the best things to happen to me. 

-Mary Chiang '18


I like being a tutor because of the challenging, ever-changing nature of our job, and the high standards that we hold ourselves to. Our work is recognized and highly appreciated by the faculty, and for good reason. It is incredibly rewarding to watch tutees grow as writers over our sessions, not just in particular papers, but in the confidence they've gained in their own ideas and skill. I'm proud to be working among some of the most accomplished students at F&M, who are not only super intelligent and well-informed but also multi-talented, good-humored, down-to-earth, and plain awesome. Working at the Center has also transformed me as a writer: it's incredible how much you learn about the writing process, especially your own, when you are on the other side trying to help tutees of various skill levels improve their writing. I've learned how to read and interact with people through the job, as well as how to carry myself with confidence and speak with conviction. These are all skills that have helped me succeed in professional work environments so far.

I know it may be hard to think about why you may want to take up this job, especially when you haven't really seen what it is like - I myself didn't realize how much the job would come to mean to me until I've done it. Still, I can't really imagine who I would be now - as a student, as a person - if I were not a Writing Center tutor. 

-Anh Nguyen '16


Tutoring is a job that keeps me on my toes; the range of people and topics I get to work with every week makes the job interesting. It has helped me build relationships with other students and professors on campus, and has given me a place in a community of people of diverse interests, brought together by a common interest in good writing. 

Working at the Center helps you improve your own writing and speaking abilities while helping others with theirs. It's a challenging, rewarding job. 

Ethan Crans '18

Being a tutor is not only a rewarding experience because I get to directly help and interact with students, but becuase it has allowed me to grow personally. I've learned a lot myself and about students here at F&M. I love that I'm able to see immediate results from my work, and that people truely value their time spent with me at the Center. Seeing my tutees' eyes light up with ideas and realization feels productive, and I know students walk out of the center having learned a thing or two from a session without direct intention. 

The tutee-tutor dynamic allows for both teaching and learning together, and that fits in so well here at F&M's liberal arts education. Tutoring makes me feel I'm giving back to the community all that it has given to me. 

Tutoring has given me a family on campus, and the experiences I have gained and the friendships I've made are irreplaceable.

-Briana Krewson '17

I love being a tutor for three primary reasons, although I could certainly come up with many more (like the M&Ms and cake!).  

For one, the people are more wonderful than I could have imagined.  Upon being hired, I came in with the (mis)conception that this was, first and foremost, a solitary job, that I would come in and work one-on-one with students and then leave.  I'm incredibly grateful that I was dead wrong, and I often find myself staying far past the end of my shift to talk and laugh with the other tutors.  The administrators of the Center—Dan, Justin, and Nate—have been just as great to work with.   

For another, I've gotten to meet so many different students and learn about particular facets of so many different classes. Just last week, I learned about the body-mind problem and questions of human consciousness in a session for a Philosophy course. I learned about an international student's typical dinner routine, a routine dramatically unlike my own. I got a crash course in marine protected areas and their implementation challenges for an upper-level environmental studies course.  In this way, tutoring has been a tremendous way to broaden my college experience and connect me with people learning about a huge variety of topics across a spectrum of courses.  

And finally, tutoring has served as a personal challenge.  As a relatively comfortable writer (i.e. fairly confident in my writing ability), I've never before faced a challenge quite like the one tutoring has provided me.  Reading through a piece of writing with a student, I have to analyze and digest so much at once: How is this paper structured? Is it an effective structure?  What is this paragraph about?  Is the topic sentence clear?  How's the explanation?  Does that sentence work?  Is there a better word for that?  How would I have phrased that idea?  Even though I keep many of the answers to myself (to avoid being directive), I'm constantly challenged to evaluate writing in real time, and my critical thinking and writing skills have very much improved as a result.  Similarly, I must also clearly communicate ideas to a tutee who may be struggling for clarity or ideas, a challenge that has further developed my communication skills as well.  

These are the reasons I've valued my experience here so highly, and reasons I would recommend tutoring to anyone who's interested.

-Greg Fullam '18

I love the community of people that I wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise. I also think the job has made me a better writer because I am more conscientious about what will come across as unclear for my reader.

Morgan Kincade '16



I love being exposed to multiple disciplines. Being a tutor is like getting a peek into every class F&M offers. I've engaged in discussions on philosophical ideas of the self, river systems, Frederick Douglas, and 9/11...I feel as though I have experienced liberal arts in its most pure form.

-Kelseyleigh Reber '16, Head Writing Tutor


Looking back on my time in college, I know I've been lucky to call so many different places "home," and the Writing Center is certainly in that category. My three years here have seen me turn coworkers into good friends and hours on shift into happy memories. There's also the fact that I've grown tremendously as a writer during my time on staff, and I can't imagine how a different work experience could've facilitated such personal and professional development. People looking for just a job need not apply, but anyone who's looking for friendships and an opportunity to help yourself while helping others will feel right at home.

-Steven Viera '16 
I like being a tutor because being a part of this friendly, supportive, often sugar-fueled environment is one of my favorite parts of going to F&M. What's more, it's made me a far, far better writer and student. I can't picture my time at F&M without it. Everyone else should apply so that they have the chance to share in this fun, important place/experience/joy.
-Erin Moyer '16

I love being a tutor because I can talk to so many students who have unique interests. Reading all their papers has truly widened my scope of thought. Being a tutor really makes me feel the benefits of a liberal arts education.

The other thing I love about being a tutor is getting to meet other tutors. We have share our passion for helping other people, and value each other deeply. The tutor community is my favorite group of people on campus. 

-Chang Hee Han '17