How to Schedule Appointments

Writing Center appointments are managed online.  You can make or modify an appointment by visiting the Writing Center and requesting assistance, or you can schedule your own appointments online!  

Before creating or modifying appointments you must register in our system.

To register in our online scheduling system, click here: Register

If you are already registered in our upgraded system and would like to log in to view our schedule, click here: Login

Both 25 and 50 minute appointments are available. 

On the schedule, appointments are listed as either 30 or 60 minutes in length. However, you can expect each appointment to last 25 or 50 minutes respectively, as tutors use the remaining time to fill out their session paperwork. 

If you have trouble registering online, can't remember if you're registered or not, or are unsure of how to use the system, call us at 717-358-3866 or drop by our office during regular hours of operation.

Hours of Operation

Our regular hours of operation during Fall 2016 are:

























Canceling Appointments

Students are not allowed to cancel their own appointments online or via email. 

To cancel an appointment, you must CALL the Writing Center at 717-358-3866.  Do not send an e-mail. 

If the Center is closed when you call, please leave a message on the voicemail and if necessary we will call you back.  

Please cancel your appointment at least 4 hours in advance.  

This will allow us to give your appointment time to another student -- appointments are in high demand this semester!

Please be aware of our Cancellation and No-Show Policy:

1. Appointments must be cancelled at least 4 hours prior to the starting time of the session, or they will be counted as no-shows.

2. One late cancellation or no-show will result in a  one-week loss of Writing Center privileges. 

3. Two late cancellations or no-shows will result in a two-week loss of Writing Center privileges.

4. A third late cancellation or no-show will result in the loss of your Writing Center privileges for the rest of the semester , as will a late cancellation or no-show during reading days and finals

5. If an emergency situation (family emergency, illness, accident)  makes timely cancellation impossible, please call as soon as possible and explain the circumstances. We will not penalize genuine emergencies.

6. No Show Records can be expunged by requesting a "Tutee No-Show Record Reversal Form." The form must be brought to three consecutive writing center appointments without a no-show or late cancellation and signed by each tutor. Once the form is completed, give the completed form to your final tutor or the office coordinator. Once we confirm your appointments, your No-Show record for the semester will be expunged. 

How to Join a Waiting List 

Given our limited number of tutor hours and the high demand for appointments, the schedule often fills up. However, it is common that students may not show for an appointment or cancel it. To ensure you are the first to know when an appointment becomes newly available, you can join a waiting list for any given day / time.

Click the clock icon next to the date in WCONLINE. You can refine the waitlist based on your availability and preferred tutor.

You will then receive an email or text message (must enable text messages from WCONLINE in your account settings) notifying you of an opening in the schedule. Note that the system does not automatically put you into that spot. The waiting list feature only tells you that an appointment has become available. In order to secure the newly opened appointment, you must go into WC Online and reserve it.

We encourage you to also follow us on Twitter where WC Online will post our available appointments for each day.

In order to leave the waiting list, click on the clock icon for that day and a screen will appear prompting you to leave the waiting list.


Writing Center Policy

of Identifying

Preferred Pronouns

It is Writing Center policy for tutors to ask all tutees for their preferred pronouns at the beginning of a tutoring session.

Tutors use the pronouns indicated by the tutees in the reports they write about the sessions for Center records and, with the tutees’ permission, to send to the appropriate professors.

In doing so, we hope to recognize and show support for individuals who identify in ways different from traditional gender binaries. Writing Center scholar Harry Denny suggests there are substantial benefits of such awareness and sensitivity:

              By making conferences potential spaces to challenge what’s natural or not, conventional or not,               received wisdom or not, our pedagogy makes possible and internalizes widely transferable                           critical thinking and active-learning, both of which lead to stronger, more engaged staff and                         students, vibrant intellectual communities, and better citizenship, whether on campus or                             beyond. (111)

Please feel free to ask any questions about the policy.


Denny, Harry C. “Facing Sex and Gender in the Writing Center.” Facing the Center.

             University Press of Colorado, 2010. pp. 87-112.