2018-2019 Staff Biographies 

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Allison Shockley '20 (Head Tutor)

Major: English (literature) & Spanish

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

Favorite M&M: Peanut Butter & Caramel

Allison is an English & Spanish double major with a minor in Latin American studies. This is her second year of tutoring at the Center. She's excited to continue till she graduates! She's currently head tutor at the Writing Center (as well as a Spanish tutor, a cellist, & a member of MUS). She loves to travel, learn about different people & hear their stories—this is why she wanted to start working at the Center in the first place. Her favorite part about working here is listening to students who are passionate about their ideas & want help getting them down on the page. But she'd love to work with you at any stage in the writing process! 

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Alec Cohen '20

Major: English

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Tennis

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Lin Phyu "Betty" Sin ‘19 (she/her)

Major: Business, Organizations & Society (BOS)

Hometown: Meiktila, Myanmar

Betty is a “Pyit Taing Taung,” a Burmese traditional toy literally translated as "that which always bounce back when thrown down.” She has struggled with her classes, deadlines—and existential crisis! Falling apart every now and then yet still thriving, she has had an epiphany: it is not “failure” per se but how she perceives it and how she fights back that matter. Her whims range from philosophizing and reflexive writing to tree-climbing and rappelling. She is not a naturally good writer. To her, writing can be learned, and deliberate revising produces good writing. She loves studying at the Writing Center. While not at the Center, she is around campus on her blue F&M bike, with “Fight Song” playing on her phone. 


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Brianna Adams '21 (she/her)

Major: Intended American Studies

Hometown: Newark,NJ


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Christa Rodriguez '19 (she/her)

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Christa is a senior English major who loves reading novels (surprise, surprise)! In addition to being a Writing Center tutor, she's also one of the presidents of Colleges Against Cancer, the Campus Life Editor of The College Reporter, and a Marshall Fellow. To know her well is to know that she's obsessed with chocolate and all things Disney. Her favorite Writing Center session was when she worked with a student on a paper about Moana. She's happy to work with you on any and all types of assignments, at any stage of the writing process. She looks forward to seeing you at the Center!

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Hannah LaChance '20 (she/her)

Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

Major: Philosophy and Spanish

Hannah is a Philosophy and Spanish double major from Saint Louis, Missouri. On campus, she is president of Philosophy Club and chief of staff of College Democrats. Hannah's passion is studying all types of philosophy through a feminist lens. On the everyday, she spends most of her time trying to be a cool aunt to her one year old niece and being the proud owner of four house plants. Hannah is excited to help you take your writing to the next level this semester!


  • asdasdasd

Hannah Rodriguez '20 (she/her)

Major: English Literature and Spanish

Hannah is a Junior with an affinity for roasted veggies and long walks with her corgi. She is bad at driving, but better at writing. On campus, she is a concertmaster for the F&M Orchestra, Philharmonia, and sings alto in the Chamber Singers. As well, Hannah is a member of the Common Hour Committee and is on the exec board of Mu Upsilon Sigma. Her favorite place to read and write on campus is in under the tallest tree in front of Shad Library. Hannah was born in Venezuela and would like to study bilingual and latinx literature in the future to tell the stories of migrants and refugees in Spanish speaking countries.

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Jadeite Javier '20 (she/her)

Major: Joint Government and Philosophy

Minor: Latin American Studies

Hometown: New York

Favorite M&M: Peanut and Pretzel

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Joel Cannon '19 (he/him)

Major: Biology

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Joel is a biology major from Ann Arbor, MI. When he’s not in the center you’ll find him rowing with F&M’s varsity rowing team or watching Mad Men and mulling over the meaning of life. Joel plans to apply to law school, hoping to pursue a career in environmental or bioethics law. Besides biology and shucking corn, he is passionate about history and the humanities.

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Josh Leib '19 (he/him)

Major: History



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Julia Bevan '20 (she/her)

Major: Government and Religious Studies with a minor in Arabic

Hometown: Strafford, PA

Julia is a current Government and Religious Studies major with a minor in Arabic. When she was younger, she played 7 different instruments, but now she plays none. Her music teacher was too intimidating, so she quit when she was 15. She also dabbled in athletics including but not limited to: field hockey, basketball, softball, squash, and youth soccer. By youth soccer she means that 5-year-old Julia sat in the corner of the field picking grass while everyone else ran around. Currently, she spends her time playing on the squash team, working as Academic Excellence Chair for Kappa Delta, and tutoring at the Writing Center. She loves working as a tutor because she not only gets to work with other students on their ideas, but she also improves as a writer herself by seeing all of the innovative ways that others approach topics. In her free time, she likes to read, listen to podcasts, and do face masks. For those light homework nights, she highly recommends the Bath & Body Works Stress Relief scented candle. In fact, she recommends the whole Stress Relief line. It’s worth it. She's also a big fan of board games. She crushes Bananagrams and is a killer Taboo partner.

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Julie Ann Lim '20 (she/her)

Major: Joint in American Studies and Government 

Hometown: Bronx, New York 

Julie is a junior completing a joint major in American Studies and Government. She grew up in the Bronx after her family moved from the Philippines when she was seven years old. Julie is a Posse scholar, a Dream.US scholar, a Marshall Fellow, and a member of the Junto Society and the John Marshall Pre-Law Honor Society. Julie is an enthusiastic theater-goer and is especially happy when tickets are discounted or free. Additionally, she has a passion for collecting journals and stationary. Julie aspires to become a civil rights and immigration attorney. 


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Katelin Dao '19 (she/her)

Hometown: Bryn Mawr, PA

Major: Public Health (Biology Track)

Katelin loves working at the Writing Center! She believes the Center has been a crucial part of her F&M experience and has helped her engage with new people and ideas. When she's not tutoring, you can find her at Central Market, Shad or club volleyball. She loves drinking coffee, spamming her friends with memes and watching NPR Tiny Desk videos. She's always excited to talk about writing! So book an appointment soon - She looks forward to working with you!

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Katie Pierce '19

Major: English Literature

Hometown: Harpers Ferry, WV

Katie is an English Lit major who hopes to someday be a children's librarian! Outside of the Writing Center and her classes you can find her working on F&M's Alumni Arts Review and volunteering at the local public library. When she doesn't have her nose buried in a book, Katie loves talking about crime shows, Star Trek, superheroes, and writing. One of her life goals is to learn to surf. She welcomes all levels, stages, and forms of writing, and can't wait to work with you!

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Leilani Ly '21 (she/her)

Major: Sociology and Psychology

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Leilani loves wasting away late nights talking with friends, singing in the shower, and wearing flip flops in the winter. She rarely has her life together, but that's okay because she's a big believer in embracing the messiness of life. She also misses the ocean terribly, and will gladly answer any questions you have about living in Hawaii (spoiler alert: she doesn’t surf). You can often find her romping around downtown, eating way too many m&ms at the Writing Center, or curling up with her journal and a cup of tea (with cream and sugar, of course).

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Lior Wolf '19

Major: Government and American Studies Joint Major

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Lior is a senior in his third year of writing tutoring here at F&M. He is a joint major in Government and American Studies, with a focus on civil rights and issues of inequality. On campus, Lior is involved with many organizations including CEC, Catastrophic Relief Alliance, Black Pyramid, Phi Kappa Psi, and has recently helped to start an F&M chapter of the ACLU. Lior has done research in the American Studies Department on Marshall McLuhan, a media scholar who seemed to predict the internet in the 1960s. In his free time, Lior likes to hike, watch experimental documentaries, and wonder when a decent falafel shop will finally open in Lancaster.

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Luke Groff '19

Major: Biology

Hometown: Manheim, PA

Luke is involved in IMPACT, Black Pyramid Senior Honors Society, ice hockey, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Society, and F&M ACLU. Luke also does research on alpine lake fluctuations in response to climatic shifting in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. He plans to work for the Pennsylvania College Advising Corps before going on to a PhD program in evolutionary biology. In his free time, Luke enjoys hiking, playing hockey, collecting stamps, and working on building the worlds tallest house of cards. One day, he may. Luke's favorite word is buffalo. Look up the word buffalo 8 times in a row. You'll see.

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Matt Turetsky '21

Major: Mathematics, Spanish

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Matt is a Spanish and Mathematics double major. While not tutoring and studying, he is the treasurer of Model UN club. He enjoys hiking, reading narrative nonfiction, watching documentaries, and listening to podcasts. He is eager to learn about what you’re writing, improve your writing abilities and, to get some great book or documentary recommendations along the way.

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Nimat Muhammad '19

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Nina Dashti-Gibson ’20 (she/her)

Major: Biology

Hometown: Eliot, ME 

Nina is a junior Biology major and Spanish minor from the tiny town of Eliot, Maine. On campus, she’s the music director of Sweet Ophelia, a college advisor with Matriculate, and does research in Dr. Moore’s developmental biology lab. She also enjoys playing guitar and discovering new restaurants downtown. She loves working in the Writing Center because she gets to hear what students are learning about in a wide variety of classes and looks forward to working with you on writing from any discipline!

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Nina Kegelman '21 (she/her) 

Major: Intended Moral Psychology

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Favorite M&M: mini

Nina is a sophomore from Wilmington, DE intending to major in Moral Psychology and minor in Spanish. She enjoys spamming her friends with memes, spending time with family, playing guitar, and listening to music. Outside of the Writing Center, she participates in activities that range in focus from civil rights issues to faith. Nina values her job at the Writing Center because it allows her to combine her interests of helping others and improving writing.

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