Your Writing Matters



However great [one's] natural talent may be, the art of writing cannot be learned all at once.

—Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Our Mission

The Writing Center is a place where you can come to talk about your work, discuss and clarify your ideas, and improve your writing style.  This process benefits all writers—from students composing a first college paper or preparing an initial presentation to those writing seminar papers or honors theses. 

With three iMacs available for public use, the Center also provides a space for you to write. Our technical library is available for consultation, alongside a variety of online resources—including Using Outside Sources, a guide to avoiding plagiarism and using research materials ethically. Between appointments, tutors are available to answer quick questions, even if you do not have a scheduled appointment.

The Conference

You may bring any type of written work to the Writing Center. In addition to traditional academic essays, our tutors can help you with anything from a resume or personal statement to a creative writing assignment or group paper.  You may also work with us at any stage of your oral presentation, from getting advice on the text of your PowerPoint slides to detailed feedback on a full dress rehearsal of your talk.

For a conference, you may bring:

  • an assignment
  • a few sketched-out ideas
  • a partial draft
  • a series of PowerPoint slides
  • a completed paper
  • an oral presentation
  • a graded paper you wish to revise

Writing assistants serve as a friendly audience, helping you to organize, develop, and clarify your ideas.  They will not edit or proofread your written work for you but will help you to discover and correct your own errors

You should schedule conferences more than one day before a project is due, and you should bring a copy of the assignment with you.  Try to develop some ideas of what you’d like to accomplish with your writing assistant prior to your meeting, as there is seldom time to look at every aspect of a work in progress.  If you are unsure of your goals for the writing conference, the assistant will begin by focusing on the overall purpose and organization of your project.