Associate Professor of Geosciences



Office: HAC


B.S. 1996 University of Rochester
M.Sc. 1999 University of Rochester
Ph.D 2002 University of Rochester


Structural Geology, Tectonics


(asterisk denotes undergraduate author)

2001    Ismat, Z., Mitra, G., Folding by cataclastic flow at shallow crustal levels in the Canyon                       Range, Sevier Orogenic Belt, west-central Utah. Journal of Structural Geology                                        23,  355-378.

2001    Mitra, G., Ismat, Z., Microfracturing associated with reactivated fault zones and shear                     zones: What   can it tell us about deformation history. Geological Society (London)                                 Special Publication 186, 113- 140.

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2012    Ismat, Z., Evolution of Fracture Porosity and Permeability During Folding by                                           Cataclastic Flow: Implications for Syntectonic Fluid Flow.  Rocky Mountain Geology 47,                 133-155.

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2016    Ismat, Z., Toeneboehn, K.*, Kinematic history of a salient-recess junction explored                             through a combined approach of field data and analog sandbox modeling. JoVE, doi:                             10.3791/54318

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2016    Ismat, Z., Riley, P.*, Lerback, J.*, What do fault patterns reveal about the latest phase of                     extension within the Northern Snake Range metamorphic core complex, Nevada, USA?.                  Journal of Structural Geology 89, 88-100