"Migration, Displacement, and Reintegration in Africa and the African Diasporas." 

March 31, 2018
8:30 am - 5:15 pm
Bonchek Lecture Hall 
Ann and Richard Barshinger Life Sciences and Philosophy Building 
The Central Pennsylvania Consortium
Annual Africana Studies Conference


Migration, Displacement, and Reintegration in Africa and the African Diasporas


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Call for papers (This is now closed)

Massive forced migration is one of the most pressing issues of our time, whether it is captured in the thousands crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe or braving the dangerous route from Central America to the US southern border. Displacement takes place in many forms and contexts, including exile, homelessness, and long term incarceration within national borders. Such movements have had, and continue to have, social, economic, cultural and psychological consequences in the experiences of people of African descent in Africa and in the African Diaspora. Regardless of form and context, this human predicament calls for strengthening areas of inquiry that address issues of power, conflict, inequality, social hierarchies, and global connections. Africana Studies compels us to connect and rigorously struggle with these issues. The Africana Studies Program at Franklin & Marshall invites contributions to the 11thCPC Africana Studies Conference on any aspect of the Conference theme – humanitarian, political, economic, cultural and beyond – from both faculty and students. We also welcome digital projects and multi-media presentations (music, photos, poster displays, etc.) that provide a range of interpretations of the subject.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Migration and the meaning of race, ethnicity, nationality and citizenship
  • Disintegration, integration and reintegration in and beyond real and imaginary boundaries and borders
  • Displacement, reintegration, Africa and African Diasporas in the era of ‘Brexit’ and the US ‘travel Ban’
  • Power, inequalities, injustice and the making of migrants and refugees
  • Refugees, new geographies, new knowledges, hybrid cultures, reintegration and construction of communities
  • The intersection of history, trauma, resistance, memory, identity, subjectivity and, community in negotiating migration and reintegration
  • Wars, conflicts, displacement, negotiations, and peace building
  • Migration as normalization/stabilization of violence
  • Migration, displacement and reintegration as products—visual arts, music, religion, philosophy
  • Migration and women’s bodies in the context of displacement and refuge seeking
  • Home, exile, asylum, alterity, marginalization, and hospitality