The Franklin & Marshall College Alumni Association Board of Directors works to advance the welfare of the College and its alumni.

Members of the Board volunteer their time and talent by attending three on-campus meetings each year and regular Committee and Board calls throughout the year, by leading and participating in College events on and off campus, by serving other volunteer organizations of the College, by mentoring current students, and by committing to give to the College annually.

Members of the Board have tremendous pride in the College and in their fellow alumni, and promote that pride to their fellow alumni and those in their communities at every opportunity. 

Board Members are typically nominated and elected by the existing directors. Learn more here.


Meet The Board 

Current Alumni Board Members are listed below:
  • Elizabeth Fuller Smith '87

    Elizabeth Fuller Smith '87 Image

    Affiliation:  President

    Major: Government

    Hometown: Doylestown, Pa.

    Occupation: SVP, Human Resources

    Employer: Mobiquity, Inc.

    Email Address:

  • Lisa Brooks '85

    Lisa Brooks '85 Image

    Affiliation: Past President

    Major: Drama/Psychology

    Hometown: Houston, Texas

    Occupation: Teacher/Tutor

    Employer: Self

    Email Address:

    Why I Love F&M: I love F&M because this is where I began to grow into the person I've become. I finally met and worked with people who are like me, and people who made me believe it was a good thing to work hard and love learning, and encouraged my creativity. I have stayed engaged because I think the work that F&M does today is even more significant in the world now. Teaching people how to think, how to collaborate, and how to be flexible is more important than ever. Preparing students to adapt in a fast changing world is critical. My work on the Alumni Association Board, as well as my work with my local alumni chapter, and as a Regional Team Leader for the FAN network, allows me to engage and connect with other alumni, current students and families, and future students on many different levels. The social aspect of feeling at home when the common thread of F&M is in our backgrounds never goes away.

  • Alan R. Ingraham '72

    Alan R. Ingraham '72 Image

    Affiliation: President-Elect

    Major: History

    Hometown: Reisterstown, Md.

    Occupation: CEO

    Employer: The Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors, Inc.

    Email Address:

  • Karla Avelino '01

    Major:  Anthropology  & Psychology

    Hometown:  San Salvador, El Salvador

    Occupation:  Partner

    Employer:  Rogen and Avelino, A Law Corporation

    Email Address:

  • Donnell K. Bailey '17

    Major:  Sociology

    Hometown:  New Orleans, LA

    Occupation:  Asst. to the VP of Enrollment Mgmt. and Dean of Admission

    Employer:  Tulane University

    Email Address:

  • Vassilis Coutifaris ’09

    Vassilis Coutifaris ’09 Image

    Major: Business, History of Art

    Occupation: Senior Public Diplomacy Officer

    Employer: Delegation of the European Union to the United States


  • Michael W. Dohrmann '12

    Major:  Business, Orgs & Society

    Hometown:  Hoboken, NJ

    Occupation:  Vice President

    Employer:  Goldman, Sachs & Co.

    Email Address:

  • Eileen Ellis '95

    Major:  English and Women's Studies

    Occupation:  Senior Account Executive, Financial Services

    Employer:  Coupa Software


  • Michael Espinoza ’02

    Michael Espinoza ’02 Image

    Major: Sociology

    Hometown: Fresno, CA

    Occupation: Director

    Employer: The Children’s Movement of Fresno

    Email Address:

  • Michelle Flatt ’99

    Michelle Flatt ’99 Image

    Major: English

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Occupation: Principal

    Employer: South Shore International College Prep

    Email Address:

  • W. Kurt Foreman '86

    Major:  Anthropology  & Government

    Occupation:  President and CEO

    Employer:  Delaware Prosperity Partnership


  • Joaquim Hamilton '06

    Major:  Special Studies

    Occupation:  Associate Director of Admissions

    Employer:  Westtown School


  • Kelly Kennedy, M.Ed. '04

    Major:  Government and History

    Occupation:  Instructional Designer, Talent Development

    Employer:  Appian  Corporation


  • Preston E. Kilgore '14

    Major:  Sociology

    Hometown:  San Francisco, CA

    Occupation:  Legislative Assistant to Supervisor Dean Preston

    Employer:  City of San Francisco

    Email Address:

  • Erica Gordon Lawrence ’05

    Erica Gordon Lawrence ’05 Image

    Major: Sociology

    Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

    Occupation: Associate Dean, Student Leadership & Campus Engagement

    Employer: Dickinson College

    Email Address:

  • Paul Mowery '71

    Major: Business Administration

    Occupation:  Retired  Senior Research Statistician 

    Employer: Research Triangle Institute, Sarasota Florida


  • Carmen T. Navia '18

    Major:  Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

    Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA

    Occupation:  Research Associate

    Employer:  Integral Molecular

    Email Address:

  • Ericka Powell, M.D. ’94

    Ericka Powell, M.D. ’94 Image

    Major: Economics, English

    Hometown: Lititz, PA

    Occupation: Medical Director, Emergency Department

    Employer: WellSpan Good Samaritan Hospital

    Email Address:

  • Maungsai Somboon '04

    Maungsai Somboon '04 Image

    Major: Anthropology; Dance (minor)

    Hometown: Jersey City, N.J.

    Occupation: College Counselor

    Employer: Bright Horizons

    Email Address:

  • Austin D. Williams, M.D. '07

    Austin D. Williams, M.D. '07 Image

    Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

    Occupation: Breast Surgical Oncology Fellow

    Employer: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    Email Address:

  • Victoria H. Zuckerman, Ph.D. '86

    Major:  Psychology

    Hometown:  Lancaster, PA

    Occupation:  Resident Psychologist

    Employer:  MJK Associates

    Email Address:

Past Presidents

Past Presidents: Alumni Association Board of Directors
1941 Scott S. Leiby '02
1942 A. LeRoy Lightner '04
1943 Martin M. Harnish '99
1945 Louis S. May '22
1946 Harvey A. Smith '14
1947 Louis S. May '22
1948 John N. Schaeffer, Jr. '34
1949 Nevin C. Harner '21
1950 John N. Schaeffer, Jr. '34
1951 Richard A. Snyder '31
1952 LeRoy K. Miller '25
1953 Samuel T. Roeder '24
1954 Anthony R. Appel '35
1955 Anthony R. Appel '35
1956 John K. DeBold '41
1957 Paul C. Gast '21
1958 A. LeRoy Lightner '42
1959 John B. Rengier '32
1960 David W. Harr '20
1961 Richard F. Kieffer, Jr. '41
1962 W. Gordon Landreth '31
1963 Samuel E. Walker '40
1964 William M. Kephart '41
1965 Thurlow A. West '51
1966 Robert J. Wimer '42
1967 Samuel M. Hauck, M.D. '25
1968 James R. Stoner, Esq. '49
1969 Charles V. Snyder, Jr., Esq. '42
1970 Richard C. Feaster '51
1971 Richard C. Feaster '51
1972 Henry W. Wiggins, Jr., M.D. '55
1973 Richard C. Hardenbergh '47
1974 Roland A. Loeb, M.D. '39
1975 Duane Poulterer '42
1976 Louis G. Shenk, Jr. '49
1977 Harry J. Shaub, Jr. '49
1978 William P. Lascheid, M.D. '46
1979 Joseph K. Stine '54
1980 Robert S. Wohlsen '50
1981 Rufus A. Fulton, Jr. '66
1982 Elizabeth C. Mackey '75
1983 Donald K. Hess '52
1984 Milton S. Samuels '40
1985 Timothy J. Stewart '64
1986 Richard W. Rogers, Esq. '57
1987 Paul E. Cooney '74
1988 Jessica H. May '70
1989 Robert J. Groden '68
1990 John S. Bonin '72
1991 Gwin M. Krouse '75
1992 H. Art Taylor '80
1993 Beverly A. Tarulli '76
1994 James Campbell '78
1995 Scott Scheele '87
1996 Joseph Nolt, Sr. '59
1997 Arthur S. Taylor '83
1998 David A. Parry '78
1999 Douglas McCormack '85
2000 Keith A. Orris '81
2001 Kittie Callaghan Abell '80
2002 R. Reeve Askew, D.C. '66
2003 Nicole Teillon Riegl '90
2004 Morris L. Garten, Esq. '89
2005 Donald W. Porter '67
2006 Raymond Sanseverino, Esq. '68
2007 Richard C. Barth, Ph.D. '71
2008 Sarah Mullane Becker '98
2009 David M. Coyne '87
2010 Paul K. Carberry '81
2011 Amy Rose Francek '97
2012 David Gordon Taylor '81
2013 Anthony DellaPelle '84
2014 Ricardo G. Rivers, MBA, '93
2015 Katie Rouff-Ward '99
2016 Christine Corkran Kretkowski, Esq. '05
2017 Brian T. Rutter '87
2019 Jack Shilling '89
2021 Lisa Brooks  '85