Welcome New Jersey Alumni!

The New Jersey Regional Chapter is home to nearly 2,800 alumni. The chapter serves the entire Garden State, conducting both statewide events as well as regional events throughout various parts of the state so that everyone has an opportunity to participate. Get involved today!

To get involved as a volunteer or learn more about exciting activities in New Jersey, contact Aimee Fasnacht, associate director of alumni relations, at (717) 358-4719 or aimee.fasnacht@fandm.edu.

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Upcoming Events in Your Region

F&M "Give & Take" Networking Reception at Marco Polo Restaurant
Thursday, Oct. 12, in Summit, N.J.
Are you looking for a job, an introduction to a private school where you'd like to send your child, concert tickets or even a referral to a doctor? Chances are we can help. Join us for a "give and take" networking reception; come prepared to learn and share. 
Click here for more information and to register.