Research Completed by F&M Anthropology Majors

Ellen Jordan '18

Coding Social Reality: Space, Knowledge Production, and Gender in the Collegiate Computer Science Lab

Ilana Hirsch '17

Performing the Idealized Judaism: Processes of Jewish Missionary Work at Franklin and Marshall College

Zoe Schwandt '17

Interpreting the Jan Wise Collection: An Analysis of Lithic Preference in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Karlina Juelch '17

Monolithic Vikings?: The Variation of Christian-Pagan Interaction seen in Viking Age Monuments

Felipe DeOliviera '16

Human Sustainable Development in Amazonia: Questioning Erased Dimensions in the Human Development Paradigm through Household-level Interviews in the Western Brazilian Amazon

Sarah Craft '16

Listen to the Bones: Decolonizing Human Remains Collections at Franklin & Marshall College and the North Museum of Nature and Science

Shrima Pandey '16

Defining Difference, Creating Community: A Case Study of Lancaster, PA

Rachel Codkind '15

Gladiators and the Boundaries of the Empire: Establishing Visibility in Ancient Rome

Ashley Candreva '15

Actively Engaged: Archaeology in Elementary Education

Sarah Mills '14

Staging Social Activism: The Politics of Race and Identity in Community Theatre

Alexandria Ross '14

“You’re not as blind as I thought you were…” A look at the marginalization of women with physical disabilities

Teresa Kline '13

Exploring the Role of Morality in Amish Tourism

Hanna Jun '12

Lost in Migration: An Ethnographic Study of Language and Identity Among the Chosonjok in Flushing, New York

Karen Leigh Thomson '12

Tobacco Pipes of the Strickler Site, a 17th-Century SusquehannockVillage

Elizabeth Bursick '10

More than Baubles: Beads, Burials, and the Effects of Colonialism on Susquehannock Material Culture

Alison Goldberg '10

Mi Gente Latina: A Case Study

Christine Elizabeth Batta '09

The Business of Being Creative: The Professionalization of Graphic Design in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Michelle Morgenstern '09

"The Literacy Block is Sacred": The Construction of Relationships to Language and Ideology in Elementary School Classrooms

Chelsey M. ZeRuth '09

Unraveling a Thirty-Five-Year-Old Mystery: Forensic Archaeology, Eighteenth-Century Quakers and Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Matthew Adam Kalos '08

An Archaeological Examination of Weaponry at Otstonwakin, an 18th-Century Native Village in Montoursville, Pennsylvania

Karen Hagadorn '07

The Legacy of Henry Gast and an Examination of the Impact of Industrialization on Nineteenth-Century Pottery in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Kaitlyn McKeefery '07

In God We Trust: Faith and Community Among Cancer Patients

Jennifer Ratzing '07

Reflections in the Mirror: Cultural Messages in the Media and Self-Representation of Women's Body Image

Lindsey Gayle Friedman '06

Jewish Identity and Concepts of Tradition: An Archaeological and Ethnographic Study in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Elyssa Angele Karanian '06

Roots and Routes: The Origin and Development of Diasporian Armenian Collective Memory

Abstracts of  F&M students' theses from 2005 to the present can be found in the library's archives.