Anthropology Stories

Publications: Professor Scott Smith

Professor Scott Smith is co-author of the article, "Temporal Inflection Points in Decorated Pottery: A Bayesian Refinement of the Late Formative Chronology in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia," recently published in the journal, Latin American Antiquity. Congratulations, Professor Smith! 

Latin American Antiquity

Publications: Professor Mary Ann Levine

Professor Mary Ann Levine's article, "Fabric of Empire in a Native World: An Analysis of Trade Cloth Recovered from Eighteenth-Century Otstonwakin," was published in the most recent edition of archaeology's premier journal, American Antiquity. Congratulations, Professor Levine!

American Antiquity

2019 Anthropology Graduates & Faculty

Congratulations to the Anthropology Class of 2019! We are proud of you! 

Congratulations Anthropology Grads!

Congratulations to the Class of 2015 Anthropology graduates. We're proud of you!

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Beyond Conquest: The Native American Experience

Growing up near three Mohawk Indian reservations in her native Quebec sparked Mary Ann Levine's interest in Native Americans, but it was an incident in the Canadian town of Oka that moved the Franklin & Marshall College associate professor of anthropology to turn that interest into the focus of her academic career. 

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Touched by the Ancestors: Professor Misty Bastian Discusses Afterlife Cultures

Inside an iron mine one evening, a Franklin & Marshall College professor joined a group of paranormal investigators to research someone experiencing what investigators call "the touch of a spirit." Then she realized she was being touched. "I had the strange experience of having all their equipment turned on me," recalled Misty Bastian, F&M's...

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Story 10/4/2019

French Excavation Provides Hands-on Work for Anthropology...

Last spring, when Franklin & Marshall College junior Will DeLince asked his professors what an anthropology major does over the summer, their answer to him was “fieldwork.” They directed him to the...

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Story 3/1/2019

An Undocumented Citizen Defines America

At age 12, his mother sent him from his home in the Philippines to live in the United States with his grandparents, naturalized citizens who reside in California. Unbeknownst to him, he arrived...

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Story 2/8/2019

Feldman Offers Preview of Her New Film, 'The Children of...

At 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 18 in Stager Hall's Stahr Auditorium Assistant Professor of Religion Rachel Feldman will screen a preview of her documentary film and says she "would love to have faculty and...

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