Nellie R Stevens Holly (Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens')

The Nellie R Stevens holly is a hybrid of the common holly (Ilex aquifolium) and the Chinese holly (Ilex cornuta). It has pointed-oval, glossy, dark green leaves, which occasionally have spines along the edges. This species usually grows as a shrub. It produces bright red berries in the fall that will usually remain on the tree throughout the winter.

Family: Aquifoliaceae (Holly)

Characteristics: The 4-inch-long leaves are oblong, glossy, and dark green, with occasional spines along their edges. In April, green-white flowers begin to bloom, though are often not noticable. Bright red berries appear in the fall and persist throughout the winter. Bark is smooth and gray. This tree most often grows as a dense shrub and has a conical shape. It grows 15-25 feet high and 8-12 feet wide.

Foliage: Evergreen (foliage present year round)

Geographic Origin: non-native

Cultivation Notes: Requires low maintenance. Prefers slightly acidic, medium-moist, and well drained soils. Does best in full sun to part-shade. This species is tolerant to heat and air pollution.

Number on Campus: 2

Sources: Dirr, Morton Arboretum, Missouri Botanical Garden