Studio Art at F&M

Students are exposed to a spectrum of expressive modes — from representational to abstract — through a structured curriculum based in the foundational areas of drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. In addition, the department provides a constellation of courses in the areas of printmaking and architectural design, as well as some courses in more specialized topics and cross-listed with the Departments of Theater and Dance, and Film and Media. 

  • Intro Sculpture class
  • Printmaking class
  • Papermaking class
  • Sculpture class

Advanced majors are encouraged to undertake Independent Study courses, which may result in bodies of work suitable for solo exhibition, or, taken senior year, potentially become projects for departmental honors.

At the end of spring semester, a student art show, juried by a local guest artist, features  works  by all F&M students.

Student work is also exhibited in the Shadek-Fackenthal Library, Herman Art Center, and the Phillips Museum of Art.

Majors are required to take the Studio Capstone Seminar spring of their senior year. Works produced in this class are displayed in the annual Senior Art Exhibition. This show many times represents a major's first group exhibition opportunity.

  • Opening recreption
  • Artwork in the exhibition
  • Student artwork
  • All-Student Art Show