Athletics & Excellence

Franklin & Marshall sponsors 27 intercollegiate teams, and nearly 30 percent of the student body competes in varsity sports. The College also offers five intramural sports and numerous club sports. 


F&M is among an elite group of liberal arts colleges that maintain exceptional academic standards while also competing in Division III athletics at a highly successful level.

The College’s distinct perspective on intercollegiate athletics emerges from both our historic mission of educational excellence and also from a deep commitment to the holistic development of our students.

We embrace the educational value of competitive sports and structure our athletic programs to maximize their contribution to student development.

F&M regards its coaches as educators first and is committed to providing the resources necessary to help them be the best teachers, mentors and leaders they can be for our students.

We view the athletic experience as a framework for helping students maximize learning and success in all aspects of college life and beyond. 

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