Human Resources Policies

Holiday Pay Policy

Full-time members of the College's faculty and professional staff are eligible to receive their regular base pay (Holiday Pay) for their normally scheduled work hours on approved College holidays.

To be eligible for Holiday Pay, an employee must work the day before and the day after the holiday unless the employee was not scheduled to work the day before and/or the day after the holiday; had arranged in advance to take a personal day (non-exempt employees only) or vacation day before and/or after the holiday; or had an excused absence due to illness. Holiday Pay is not granted if an employee works no hours/has no wages during the pay period in which the holiday falls or if the employee is on Extended Sick Leave.

College employees who work on a part-time basis will normally not be required to work on College holidays. Except as noted below under Special Holiday Observance, part-time employees do not receive pay for College holidays if they do not work on the holiday. Part-time employees may work another day during the pay period in which a College holiday falls to make up their hours, with their supervisor's advance permission.

Overtime Hours - If you are not required to work on the holiday, Holiday Pay hours will count as "hours worked" when determining eligibility for overtime pay. If you are required to work on a holiday, your regular work hours will count as "hours worked" when determining eligibility for overtime pay; Holiday Pay While Working will not count as "hours worked" for overtime eligibility.

Holiday Pay Exceptions

Facilities & Operations - Full-time, non-exempt employees including (but not limited to) those in Facilities & Operations who are required to work on a College holiday and considered Essential Personnel will receive one hour of Holiday Pay While Working, at their normal base rate, in addition to their regular pay, for each hour actually worked on the holiday. These employees may take equivalent time off with pay at a later date (within the fiscal year) in lieu of Holiday Pay While Working with the advance approval of their manager. If this option is elected, an employee must note this on their electronic timesheet in the Comments box.

Public Safety (Officers, Communications Techs, Security Officers as Essential Personnel) - A bank of Holiday Hours is established for each individual equivalent to 8 x the number of approved college holidays in a fiscal year. Additional hours will be added for those working night shift on College observed Holidays if hours worked will exceed the bank. Usage of Holiday Bank Hours not falling on an approved College Holiday must be approved in advance by a supervisor. Hours not used by the end of the fiscal year will be lost.

Non-Traditional Work Schedules (except Public Safety) - The intent of this policy is to compensate all eligible employees for an equal number of holidays. Therefore, if an employee's regularly scheduled full-time shift is not scheduled on a College holiday, the employee's manager will provide an alternate holiday within the same pay period as the campus observed holiday (example: custodial staff who work a regular Tuesday - Saturday schedule).

Special Holiday Observances - The College President or their designee may elect to close the College early for a Special Holiday Observance (not emergency or weather related). Only full-time and part-time employees who have reported to work for the day will receive regular pay for their hours worked, and Holiday Pay for the remainder of their normally scheduled work hours. The equivalent number of hours for Special Holiday Observances will be added to Public Safety Officers Holiday Leave Banks.

Illness and Leaves - Employees who are scheduled to work on an approved College holiday but are off work due to illness or injury, and those who report off due to illness or injury prior to announcement of a Special Holiday Observance, will be charged with use of a full sick day and, if eligible, will receive paid sick leave benefits in lieu of Holiday Pay. This includes employees on medical leave.

Policy Maintained by: Human Resources, Associate Vice President
Last Reviewed: August 25, 2023