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Faculty Distinguished Service Award Citation in Honor of Kim Armstrong

Professor Kim Armstrong’s 34 years of tireless dedication and service to the Spanish & Linguistics Department, and to the college community as a whole, are undeniable. As one colleague from her department has said, “she is our rock.” And indeed, for many across the College, Kim has shown herself to be a solid, dependable presence, a source of measured consideration of issues, and an unwavering advocate for Faculty voices. Senior colleagues trust her to offer unbiased leadership, and junior colleagues know her as a person who is always willing to offer levelheaded guidance through professional challenges.

In her department, Kim has been instrumental in ensuring that everyone has a valued voice and everyone feels part of a functional and vibrant team. She has spearheaded innovation by leading a group of colleagues in creating Open Educational Resources for courses in the Spanish Language Studies Requirement, which has benefitted more than 200 students this year alone. She has also led the Department of Spanish & Linguistics as chair multiple times throughout her career, including most recently when she met the department’s need for a chair while on her sabbatical. Additionally, her impact has been felt in other departments that she has chaired, including Classics, French, as well as Italian & Hebrew.

Kim’s colleagues College-wide have repeatedly demonstrated their trust in her leadership and good judgment by electing her to the Professional Standards, Educational Policy, and Faculty Council committees. Kim has also championed the work of the College through service on numerous task forces and working groups, and recently served as Associate Dean of the Faculty for five years. She was a solid and reliable leader that guided and supported faculty through the semesters hit hardest by COVID. Chemistry Professor Rick Moog says the following: “Kim is the epitome of what it means to be a committed member of our community. In particular, she takes the principle of shared governance as a serious responsibility, stepping up when leadership is needed and providing guidance and direction that is thoughtful, organized, inclusive, and effective. She is always a joy to work with, and — perhaps most importantly — she gets things done!”

History Professor Maria Mitchell’s words summarize it all: “It is difficult to capture all the ways Kim Armstrong has enriched faculty and student life at F&M, but for me one feature of her service to the College stands out – her leadership qualities. Kim sees through the thicket. When presented with a new issue, she quickly identifies its critical points, gathers information, consults with colleagues, and proposes effective, sustainable solutions. Throughout, she is quick to express gratitude to those who assisted, never asserting her own prerogative or preference. Indeed, Kim is unfailingly supportive of her colleagues; the enormous and widespread respect she enjoys from professional staff and faculty across the divisions speaks for itself. Her colleagues' admiration is all the more impressive considering the unparalleled number of committees, programs, and departments she has chaired in addition to serving as Associate Dean and now Chair of Faculty Council. Kim's ability to lead serves as a model for her colleagues. We would all do well to emulate her selflessness and focus on resolving problems without creating new ones.”

Faculty Distinguished Service Award Citation in Honor of Kim Armstrong

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