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The items below describe our past Common Hour events, and, in most cases, include video.

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Common Hour Writing Africa Writing Women
Story 3/7/2019

Writing Africa, Writing Women (International Women's Week...

Tsitsi Dangarembga Writer and Filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga is a Zimbabwean author,...

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Common Hour Notes of an Undocumented Citizen
Story 2/28/2019

Notes of an Undocumented Citizen

José Antonio Vargas Founder & CEO of Define American, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist,...

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Common Hour: Disability as an Aspect of Diversity
Story 2/21/2019

Disability as an Aspect of Diversity

Jeanne Kincaid,   Attorney at Drummond Woodsum, Portland, Maine   In 2008, Congress amended...

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Common Hour Baseball as a Road to God
Story 2/14/2019

Baseball As A Road To God

John Sexton President Emeritus of New York University, Dean Emeritus of NYU School of Law, and...

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Common Hour Planning for a career in the Entertainment Business
Story 2/7/2019

Planning for a Career in the Entertainment Business

Jonathan Lomma '99 found a lifelong career for himself as one of the country's most highly regarded...

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Common Hour: The Plight of the Palestinian People
Story 1/31/2019

The Plight of the Palestinian People

Bassem Eid Palestinian Human Rights Activist Bassem Eid is a Palestinian...

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Common Hour The Land of Open Graves
Story 1/24/2019

The Land of Open Graves

Some people may find content in this video disturbing. Jason de León Director of The...

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Common Hour: Chasing the Amish Vote
Story 1/17/2019

Chasing the Amish Vote

Kyle C. Kopko, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean of Institutional...

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Translating the Odyssey
Story 12/6/2018

Translating the Odyssey: Why and How?

Emily Wilson Professor of Classical Studies and Graduate Chair of Comparative...

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