Things I Learned From Fat People on the Plane

  • “I’m not interested in being ignored," says author and performer Kimberly Dark."I’m interested in being adored.”

Kimberly Dark
Author and Performer

F&M did not receive permission to record this event.

Kimberly Dark's performance "Things I Learned From Fat People on a Plane," is part storytelling, part lecture. She levies her charisma as a performer toward cracking open challenging topics for inquiry. Sit next to the fat lady on the airplane – and this time listen to what SHE has to say. This body wants to MOVE – across the country, around the world, in gyms and yoga studios. "Things I Learned from Fat People on the Plane" is about living fully in a world that hates fat. It’s about movement of all kinds – travel, exercise, sex and how fat folks are often expected to stay so still they disappear. "Things I Learned from Fat People on the Plane" asks, "What’s a fat, sexy middle-aged babe have to do to get a ticket on the on the Respect Express (with a seatbelt big enough for safety)?"

This event was proposed by Rachel Anderson-Rabern & Meg Day and is sponsored by the Alice Drum Women’s Center, the Department of English, the Department of Theatre, Dance and Film, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, The Philadelphia Alumni Writers House, Sociology Department and the Miller Humanities Fund.

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