Dancing Knowledge

Dancing Knowledge

F&M Dance Company

Knowledge is processed, retained, and expressed by the whole body; intelligence is not isolated to the brain. Dance, as an art form and a subject of critical study, reminds us that every body is a vital resource of research and essential in experiencing the world. Faculty, students, and guests of the F&M Dance Program present a selection of dances as we examine the value and importance of moving as a way of knowing.

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Acapella Hour
Story 12/7/2017

A Cappella Hour

Sweet Ophelia, Kite & Keys, The Chessmen & The Poor Richards Recorded Dec. 7, 2017, in Mayser...

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Unraveling Teddy Rosevelt's Legacy
Story 11/30/2017

Unravelling Teddy Roosevelt's Legacy: America's National...

Elizabeth De Santo Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Since its inception in 1906, the...

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Story 11/16/2017

The Music of Video Games, Movies and Television: Journey to...

Susie Benchasil Seiter ‘99 Conductor, Orchestrator, Composer Susie Seiter presents some music...

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