More Than a Few Good Men: American Manhood and Violence Against Women

  • "Gender justice and gender equality are one of the great unmet needs of the human species," Katz says. "If Franklin & Marshall students want to go into the world and do important things, one of those important things is to work for gender justice."

We did not receive permission to record this event.

Jackson Katz, Ph.D.

author, filmmaker, scholar, activist

This program encourages both men and women to address one of the most prevalent issues on college campuses and across the world, violence against women. Katz discusses how media affects the perceptions many college students have about this issue. The topic includes sexual and domestic violence as well as pornography, prostitution, and stripping. Of particular note was how homophobia prevents many men, and women, from dealing honestly with sexism, and how the campus culture of drinking is directly related to the incidence of sexual assault.

Katz also juxtaposes how problems which were typically thought of as "women's issues," are linked to the lives and attitudes of boys and men, and on a deeper level are reflective of larger social forces. This is done with a combination of Katz' signature humor and facts reflective of the current unpleasant reality. This talk is engaging, informative and entertaining as Katz delivers a cutting-edge analysis of masculinity and sexual politics.

This talk was proposed by Mira Lerner '20 and is sponsored by Planned Parenthood Action Group, Fulton Bank, Department of Athletics, Miller Humanities Fund, Interfraternity Council, Office of the Dean of the College, F&M Title IX, Bonchek College House, Alice Drum Women’s Center, F&M Diplomatic Congress, Ware Institute for Civic Engagement, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department, and the Department of Public Health.

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