I Was a Queer Child and So Were You

Kathryn Bond Stockton

Distinguished Professor of English, Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity, Dean, School for Cultural and Social Transformation, University of Utah

Presented in a humorous, accessible style, weaving memoir through cutting-edge theory, this talk stretches what you think you know (and our culture thinks it knows) about important matters surrounding genitals, clothing, and kissing—even reading.  Also, quite centrally, this talk considers the queerness of children: the new battleground where issues involving queer rights are currently being fought.  What kinds of issues for everyone’s childhood—and, for that matter, your own adulthood—turn around issues for gay and trans kids?  The answers may surprise you.  

This event was proposed by Professor of History Maria Mitchell and is sponsored by the Alice Drum Women’s Center; Department of English; Miller Humanities Fund; Writers House; and the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

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