Natives In America

Natives In America

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw

founder of the online literary publication Natives in America

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in English, her Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Higher Education, and has started her doctoral work at the University of Minnesota in Higher Education this fall. An enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux tribe, she is the founder of Natives In America, an online literary publication for Native American, Alaska Native & Native Hawaiian youth. Passionate about Indigenous rights issues, college admissions, and greater Native presence in media, she believes in empowering young people to use their voices for the issues they care about in their communities. Her favorite phrase her mother ever taught her in Lakota is “Weksuye, Ciksuye, Miksuye” meaning “I remember, I remember you, Remember me."

This talk was proposed by Kyla Nitahara and is sponsored by the Anthropology Department.

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