10/21/2019 Staff

Take Action: Addressing Hazing NOW

Common Hour - Take Action: Addressing Hazing NOW

Rae Ann and Stephen Gruver

Rae Ann Gruver, a sister of Alpha Delta Pi from Clemson University, lost her son, Max Gruver, on September 14, 2017 from a hazing incident at Louisiana State University. Despite the heartache of losing her oldest child, Rae Ann and her husband, Stephen, created the Max Gruver Foundation, to keep Max’s memory alive and ensure what happened to their son does not ever happen again. Travelling across the country, the Gruvers are spreading their anti-hazing messages to educate students about the importance of looking out for one another and share Max’s story. Last fall, Alpha Delta Pi partnered with the Max Gruver Foundation to help spread awareness of the dangers of hazing. This event was proposed by Anna Gombar ’20 and is sponsored by Alpha Delta Pi and the College Panhellenic Council.

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