10/31/2019 Staff

Optimizing Performance: Using Data to Maximize Student Athlete Wellness

Common Hour - Optimizing Performance: Using Data to Maximize Student Athlete Wellness

Lydia Bell
Associate Director of Research at the NCAA

Lydia Bell is the associate director of research at the NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, IN.  Lydia's research focuses on student athlete wellness within D1, D2, D3 athletic programs. Dr. Bell's current researches focuses on student athlete mental health. She earned her BA from Bowdoin College, MA in Higher Education from the University of Arizonia and her PhD in Language, Reading and Culture from the University of Arizonia. 

This event was proposed by Margaret Hazlett and is sponsored by the Department of Athletics; the Department of Public Health; the Office of Student Wellness Programs; LGH at F&M Student Wellness Center; and Student Athlete Leadership Council (SALC).

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