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2022 Bradley R. Dewey Award Lecture: Carol de Wet

Common Hour - Annual Bradley R. Dewey Award Lecture

Carol de Wet
Professor of Geoscience Department of Earth and Environment, Franklin & Marshall College

At F&M, Dr. de Wet has served as Associate Dean of the Faculty, Department Chair, Special Assistant to the President and Provost on Women and Family Issues, Special Assistant to the President for Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Issues, the PS Committee twice, and Associate Director of the Faculty Center. She is the recipient of the Lindback Award for teaching, the Dewey Award for research, and holds an Endowed Chair; she is the first female scientist to hold this trifecta of honors.

She has published many scientific articles based on her scholarly research, most with student co-authors, as well as articles relating to women in academia, and retention in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Dr. Carol de Wet studies limestones to unravel the story of Earth’s ancient environments. Her research on ancient freshwater lakes and marine reef systems in the geologic has expanded our understanding of climate change in the geologic record.  Professor de Wet is an award-winning teacher-scholar and fellow of the Geological Society of America. Her publications in top-tier academic journals include numerous student coauthors. Most recently, her research in the Atacama Desert, Chile, sheds light on ancient climate relationships and precipitation in what is today one of the driest places on Earth. Professor de Wet has consistently merged teaching and research with high quality mentoring that inspires excellence in her students. Her devotion to impactful and timely scholarly research makes her a worthy recipient of the Bradley R. Dewey Scholarship Award. 

Recorded Nov. 10, 2022


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