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The items below describe our past Common Hour events, and, in most cases, include video.

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Common Hour Finding Freedom
Story 1/24/2020

Finding Freedom

Sonya Clark Artist and Professor of Art and the History of Art, Amherst College American artist...

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Story 12/5/2019

A Cappella Hour With ASL Interpretation F&M’s four a capella groups...

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Story 11/21/2019

Now Hour: Impeachment Politics and the 2020 Election Jennifer Kibbe Stephen Medvic Matthew Schousen...

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Story 11/14/2019

A River of Voices: Documenting the Undocumented, 2019... The video for...

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Story 11/7/2019

Truth in Fiction, 2019 Bradley R. Dewey Award lecture Nicholas Montemarano Professor of English, Franklin...

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Common Hour - Optimizing Performance: Using Data to Maximize Student Athlete Wellness
Story 10/31/2019

Optimizing Performance: Using Data to Maximize Student...

Lydia Bell Associate Director of Research at the NCAA Lydia Bell is the associate director of...

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Story 10/24/2019

This is the Rat Speaking: Remembering the 1969 Black Student...

Dr. Benjamin Bowser ‘69 Adrian C. Lamos, Jr ‘72 Dr. Todd Mealy Prof. LeRoy Pernell ‘71 This...

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Common Hour - Take Action: Addressing Hazing NOW
Story 10/21/2019

Take Action: Addressing Hazing NOW

Rae Ann and Stephen Gruver Rae Ann Gruver, a sister of Alpha Delta Pi from Clemson University,...

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Common Hour - Stand Up That Mountain
Story 10/10/2019

Stand Up That Mountain

Jay Leutze Trustee, Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy Born in Virginia in 1964, Leutze...

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