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What Is DipCares? 

DipCares is a team of individuals who care about our students at Franklin and Marshall and are available to provide support and guidance during challenging times. Many students face difficult times during college. Unexpected life events, personal crisis, mental health struggles, financial issues, or academic difficulties are all examples of challenges that can interfere with a student’s success during their college years. DipCares is here to make sure students are aware of resources, that faculty and staff know how to help students who are experiencing distress, and that no student feels they are alone.

Care Coordination at F&M

The Care Coordinator coordinates prevention, intervention, and support efforts across campus to assist students facing crises, life traumas, and other barriers impeding their academic success.  

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Concerned About A Student?  

The DipCares program allows anyone who is concerned about a student to make a report via our Referral Form. Once the form is received by the Chair of our DipCares Team, outreach is completed with student and support is offered as deemed appropriate.

NOTE: if you are worried about the immediate safety of a student/self, please call 911 or the Department of Public Safety at 717-358-3939. Also, see Resources below.

DipCares Referral Form

Anyone concerned about a student can submit this form. The DipCares team will offer support as appropriate. 

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Resources for Specific Student Issues 

F&M DipCares Team 

Doug Adams, Associate Dean of Students

Melissa Giess,  Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Weis College House Dean

Todd DeKay, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Ware College House Dean

Lauren Firestone, Director of Counseling Services

Jessica Haile, Assistant Dean for International Student Services

Kabi Hartman, Faculty Liaison

Alison Hobbs, Director of Student Accessibility Services

Ali Janicek, Assistant Dean for International and Off-Campus Study


 Courtnee Jordan-Cox, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & New College House Dean

Susan Knoll, Care Coordinator

Bill McHale, Director of Public Safety

Laura Medvic, Registrar

Amy Myers, Director of Medical Services

Beth Proffitt, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Boncheck College House Dean

Brian Samble, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs & Brooks College House Dean

Colette Shaw, Dean of Students (Chair of DipCares Team)