Davide Lionetti Assistant Professor of Chemistry


B. S.  in Chemistry (Minor in Medieval Studies), University of Notre Dame. Research under Dr. Seth Brown

Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, California Institute of Technology. Research under Dr. Theodor Agapie

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Kansas. Research under Dr. James Blakemore


Our group carries out research in inorganic and organometallic chemistry to address broad scientific challenges in today’s world. From the activation of small molecules relevant to energy storage and utilization to the efficient conversion of abundant chemical feedstocks, compounds containing transition metals have found applications as catalysts (compounds that increase the rate of chemical reactions) for a broad variety of chemical transformations. In our group, we design transition metal complexes–compounds in which organic molecules (called ligands) support transition metal atoms, enabling and sometimes directly participating in their reactivity–as candidate catalysts for various reactions, and study their properties and reactivity using tools typical of the inorganic chemistry toolbox, including spectroscopy and electrochemistry. Two of our current projects focus on compounds containing rhodium, a metal with well-known catalytic properties. In one of these projects, we are aiming to develop complexes that replicate rhodium’s ability to make and/or break chemical bonds by undergoing two-electron changes in oxidation state with cheaper, more abundant metals. The second project takes a complementary approach, aiming to improve the activity of known rhodium catalysts and limit the excess energy required to operate them, thereby enhancing their efficiency and lowering the amount of these catalysts that is required for various applications. A third project focuses on a family of catalysts based on ruthenium–rhodium’s neighbor on the periodic table. In this project, we are employing electrochemical methods to explore the behavior of ruthenium compounds and determine the correlation between the structure of the supporting ligands and the ability of ruthenium to transfer electrons. All these projects rely on critical contributions from F&M undergraduate students, who participate in the design, synthesis, and characterization of the target complexes and the studies of their reactivity via spectroscopic and electrochemical methods. Through this work, students in our group develop fundamental skills in carrying out manipulations typical of the inorganic laboratory, including the use of air-free techniques, in obtaining and analyzing data from various instrumental techniques, in exploring the primary literature, and in presenting their work to their peers and to the broader scientific community in written and oral forms.

Grants & Awards

At Franklin & Marshall College:

American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Undergraduate New Investigator Grant

Prior to Franklin & Marshall College:

Sustainability Leadership Award for Staff Scholarship, University of Kansas

Resnick Sustainability Institute Graduate Fellowship, California Institute of Technology


Prior to F&M

Davide Lionetti, Sandy Suseno, Angela A. Shiau, Graham de Ruiter, and Theodor Agapie “Redox Processes Involving Oxygen: The Surprising Influence of Redox-Inactive Lewis Acids” JACS Au, 2024, in print. DOI: 10.1021/jacsau.3c00675

Emily A. Boyd, Julie A. Hopkins Leseberg, Emma L. Cosner, Davide Lionetti, Wade C. Henke, Victor W. Day, and James D. Blakemore “Remote Oxidative Activation of a [Cp*Rh] Monohydride” Chem. – Eur. J. 2022, 28, e202104389. DOI: 10.1002/chem.202104389 

Julie A. Hopkins Leseberg, Davide Lionetti, Victor W. Day, and James D. Blakemore “Electrochemical Kinetic Study of [Cp*Rh] Complexes Supported by Bis(2-pyridyl)methane Ligands.” Organometallics, 2021, 40, 266. DOI: 10.1021/acs.organomet.0c00747 

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Courses Taught

CHM 112 - General Chemistry II: Reactions in the Atomic World, Lecture & Lab

CHM 222 - Inorganic Chemistry: Chemistry Across the Periodic Table & Lab