Robert C. Gray is The Honorable and Mrs. John C. Kunkel Professor of Government. He received degrees in Government from the University of Texas at Austin (B.A., 1968; Ph.D., 1975). He joined the Franklin & Marshall faculty in 1972.

He has experience in government, at an international think tank, and as an editor of a scholarly journal. He worked at the Pentagon in the Office of the Secretary of Defense as a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow in 1979-80 and as a consultant to the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress for six years in the 1980s. He was a research associate in London at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in 1987. For fifteen years, he was the North American Editor of Defense Analysis, a scholarly journal published in the United Kingdom.

Professor Gray received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1983. He chaired the Department of Government for nine years (seven years in the 1980s and from 2008 to 2010).

He taught courses on international politics as well as foreign and defense policy.


His research projects examine the history of security studies and the evolution of American national security strategy.


Books and Monographs

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Articles, Book Chapters, and Government Reports

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Book Reviews

Reviews in the American Political Science Review, Journal of Politics, Journal of Strategic Studies, Newsletter of the British Politics Group, Political Science Quarterly, and Polity.

His most recent book review appeared in Intelligence and National Security:

Review of Barry Buzan and Lene Hansen, The Evolution of International Security Studies, Intelligence and National Security, 26:5 (2011), pp. 752-754.

Course Information

Government 130         International Politics

Government 231         National Security Policy

Government 474         Power, Strategy, and Security