Faculty Leadership Development Series: Writing Tenure Letters

October 30 '2019 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Faculty Center

**Note :  This event will be held in the Academy Room, 2nd Floor, SFL**
As tenured faculty members, we all share an obligation to mentor our junior colleagues, and at times to render judgment on how well they are fulfilling the duties of their positions. Yet this obligation is a task for which we receive little or no training. This leaves many of us with questions like:
  • How do I put someone's research in departmental and disciplinary context?
  • How do I encourage and evaluate junior colleagues' experiments in the classroom? 
  •  What things are helpful to PS in evaluating candidates?
  •  How do I make the best case possible for someone who has struggled yet done good work?
  •  How do I frame criticisms firmly but constructively?
  •  How do I frame and interpret the vast quantities of evidence in someone's tenure file?

If you have these or other questions, then this meeting is for you. Come discuss your questions with a panel of recent PS members, who will talk about things you can do to make your evaluation letters more effective. Lunch provided for those who RSVP to facultycenter@fandm.edu by Friday, 10/25.