Formative Assessment Showdown!

March 21 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Faculty Center

Join us for this lunch and learn! Topic: Formative Assessment. There are many free technology tools out there that can help you assess where your students are in the learning process as well as engage them in a quick, fun and game-like manner. Many are free and easy to use and some don't require your students to use any technology. Whether you are looking to quickly assess your students with a few quick questions at the beginning or end of class or for you (or your students) to design an entire engaging lesson - this session has you covered. As a showdown, we will rapidly touch on as many of these tools as we have time for, giving you the pros/cons and information you need to get started! Bring your smartphone, tablet, laptop and join in! Lunch provided for those who RSVP by Monday, 3/5 to