Meet the History Majors

February 24 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Virtual Event

Majoring in History: A Smart Decision

Many people think that studying history is accumulating facts. A “history buff” knows lots of stuff, and enjoys talking about it. But piling up facts is not what historians do. Instead, we think of history as “a way of seeing,” looking back into the past with open eyes. We know we cannot know everything, because “facts” are infinite, but we try to find out as much as possible, to construct a coherent argument. Historians are like detectives or lawyers, making a case based on the evidence. Like a good attorney, we really care about getting it right. Historians focus on documents, and that is what you will learn if you study history—how to analyze all kinds of documents, from diaries and letters to cartoons and treaties, to make an evidence-based argument and, ultimately, gain a more critical understanding of our world today.

To find out more about History at F&M, join Richard Reitan, Chair of History, and History Club President Amanda Laule for an informal roundtable at Meet the Majors.

Please join us if you are interested in history and/or thinking of majoring or minoring in history. History department faculty and students will be there to answer your questions about the major (and minor) and discuss the career paths our majors have taken.

Sponsored by the History Club and the History Department.