Mindfulness in the Classroom: A Pedagogical Tool

January 10 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Faculty Center

Including mindfulness practices in the classroom can impact teaching and learning in a variety of ways. They can increase focus and motivation. They can reduce anxiety and distractedness. There are suggestions that mindfulness also improves cognitive function and stimulates creativity; certainly they are a holistic approach to learning.
  As Tobin Hart states, “Inviting the contemplative simply includes the natural human capacity for knowing through silence, looking inward, pondering deeply, beholding, witnessing the contents of our consciousness….  These approaches cultivate an inner technology of knowing….” 
Mindful practices (also known as contemplative pedagogy) include guided meditations, journaling, silence, music, beholding, relaxation, gratitude practices, etc. These can be added to the classroom with only a few minutes devoted to the activity and they can require minimal preparation on the part of the faculty member.

Come to this luncheon to hear how faculty are incorporating mindful practices into their classrooms and how you might do so as well. RSVP to facultycenter@fandm.edu