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Common Hour enables the entire Franklin & Marshall College community to gather for culturally and academically enriching events at midday each Thursday during the academic year. This opportunity to engage in a campus-wide dialogue originates with Common Hour and then extends beyond the confines of that time into classrooms, house commons, dining halls and beyond. These are vital international, national, local and institutional issues that are relevant to all.

Upcoming Events

Sep 21

Common Hour - In Search of Meaning: Memory Becomes Us

Patricia Moss Vreeland, Artist and Author of A Place for Memory: Where Art and Science Meet Proposed

Oct 05

Common Hour - The Art of Diplomacy: Foreign Policy from the Lens of a U.S. Diplomat

Kyla Brooke, Diplomat in Residence for the New York Metro Area and Foreign Service Officer (FSO)

Oct 19

Common Hour - Behind the Political Curtain: Making a Difference Without Running for Office

Shakiya Cherry-Donaldson ’09, Founder and Executive Director of 1000 Women Strong Proposed

Oct 26

Common Hour - Ethics in Business: Learning from Enron’s Failure

Sherron Watkins, Former Enron Vice President for Corporate Development Proposed by Nancy Kurland,

Nov 09

Common Hour - How are You Going to Pay for It? Government Finances in the Modern Monetary System

Dr. Yeva Nersisyan, Associate Professor and Chair of Economics, Franklin & Marshall College Proposed

Nov 30

Common Hour - Britney Griner and the Performance of Race, Gender and Nation in Sport

Claire Concesion, Quanta Professor of Chinese Culture and Professor of Theater Arts at MIT Proposed

Dec 07

Common Hour - F&M Acapella Concert

About A Cappella at F&M:  The Poor Richards: The Poor Richards, F&M's only coed a cappella

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