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Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

You can take private or for-credit studio vocal or instrumental lessons. Studio lessons include masterclasses and performances, in addition to working one-on-one with one of our renowned professors for a truly personalized approach to honing your skill.

Credit lessons are available at two different credit levels: 

100-level lessons

  • 12 (twelve) 30-minute lessons per semester
  • 0.5 credits after two semesters
  • No masterclass requirement
  • Perform in studio recital after two semesters
  • Permission of instructor required
  • Schedule arranged with instructor
  • Fee: $456 per semester

200-level lessons

  • 12 (twelve) 50-minute lessons per semester
  • 3 masterclasses per semester
  • 0.5 credits each semester
  • Perform in studio recital each semester
  • Permission of instructor required
  • Schedule arranged with instructor
  • Fee: $760 per semester​


Music Lesson Fee Waiver Policy

First and second-year students are eligible for music lesson fee waivers if they meet all the following criteria:

  • They have accepted the full financial aid package offered to them* 
  • They are interested in undertaking a serious course of study in music, continuing as a music major or performance minor in their third and fourth years at F&M.
    • Note that by accepting lesson fee waivers, students are not obligated to become music majors or minors in their final years at F&M. What matters in the first and second year is that students have an interest in the major or minor and a plausible plan to pursue this course of study.
  • They have been accepted into 100- or 200-level credit lessons in one of the studios at F&M.

*Financial Aid Conditions for Credit Lessons
The student must be receiving and have accepted the FULL AMOUNT for all of the following:

  • Federal and institutional need-based aid grants, which include Franklin & Marshall need-based grant(s) and scholarship(s)
  • Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Student Loans based on their grade level - $3,500/First year; $4,500/Sophomore
  • The F&M Loan if you have been offered an F&M Loan

If you plan to apply for a music lesson fee waiver, you will do so when you are enrolled at F&M. Applications are typically due in the beginning of the semester.

Third- and fourth-year students are eligible for a maximum of four (4) music lesson fee waivers if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are music majors or music performance minors
  • They have been accepted into 100-, 200-, 300-, or 400-level credit lessons in one of the studios at F&M.

Students of all grade levels may only use one lesson fee waiver per semester.

It is the policy of the College that if a student completes one lesson with the instructor, they have committed to pay the full semester fee even if they drop the lessons at a later date. Students with financial aid waivers will be barred from receiving further fee waivers for the remainder of their time at F&M if they drop their lessons after they have completed one lesson with the instructor.

Instrumental and Vocal Instructors


Kimberly Buchar Nolet



Sara Male


Clarinet & Saxophone

Doris Hall-Gulati


Double Bass

Devin Howell




Chris Keeney



Anne Nye


Jazz Piano & Improvisation

Neil Podgurski


Low Bass

Stephen Shiffer



Kathy Horein



Mark Yingling



Rosemary Blessing


Mark Livshits



Douglas Albert


Violin & Viola

Michael Jamanis



Jessica Beebe


Tyler Tejada


West African Drumming

Tammi Hessen