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Our Program and Courses

You can major or minor in Spanish at F&M. In fact, Spanish has been a major at F&M for more than 100 years. In small classes and in close collaboration with your professors, you will develop the tools to reflect critically on the cultural practices, products, and perspectives of the Spanish-speaking world and your own. Through the use of smart classrooms, blogs, videocasts, and podcasts, you will be able to enhance your learning experience and language proficiency in engaging and interactive ways. There also are numerous opportunities to engage with the Spanish-speaking community at and outside F&M, giving you a holistic language learning experience.

By the time you graduate, you will have: 

  • Proficiency in Spanish and the ability to communicate effectively and cohesively verbally and in writing
  • An appreciation and understanding of the richness, diversity, and complexity of the Spanish-speaking world 
  • The ability to reflect upon your own culture through comparisons with Spanish-speaking cultures
  • Familiarity with relevant historical periods, cultural traditions, social issues, artistic movements, major authors, representative texts and works, and figures of the Spanish-speaking world 
  • A foundation in modes of critical analysis, including close reading, socio-historical contextualization, literary analysis, scholarly research, and more. 

Spanish Language Placement Exam

If you’re admitted to F&M and plan to study Spanish, you must complete a language placement exam. You’ll complete this test the summer before you arrive on campus. This will allow us to place you in the class that best aligns with your skill level. 

Wondering what a Spanish course is like? Take a look at our course catalog to explore what’s available to you.

Our Faculty and Staff

Maria Elena Aldea Agudo

Senior Teaching Professor of Spanish; Director of the Spanish Language Center

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Kimberly Armstrong

Professor of Spanish & Linguistics

Language Studies Council

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Beatriz Caamano Alegre

Associate Professor of Spanish

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Jessica G Cox

Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, Department Chair of Spanish

Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind

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Ileana Feistritzer

Adjunct Instructor

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Jialing Liu

Senior Teaching Professor of Spanish

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Sofia Ruiz-Alfaro

Professor of Spanish, Program Chair of Latin American and LatinX Studies

Latin American Studies

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Mery Soto-Harner

Senior Adjunct Professor of Spanish

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Anne M Stachura

Teaching Professor and Coordinator of the Spanish Community Based Learning Program and Community Outreach

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Carmen Tisnado

Professor of Spanish

Latin American Studies

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Shari Vegso

Academic Department Coordinator

Arabic Language Program; Chinese Language Program; French; German and Russian Studies; German and Russian Studies; International Studies; Italian Studies and Hebrew; Japanese Language Program; Spanish

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Learning Outside the Classroom

You will be actively engaged in developing practical speaking, reading, and writing skills beyond the classroom. Our Spanish professors are committed to tailoring your education to your interests and goals and helping you discover research and study-abroad opportunities to broaden your understanding of the discipline.

Off-Campus Study

As a speaker of the second-most spoken language in the U.S., you will have opportunities to apply what you learn outside the classroom. Our students have studied in Spain, Mexico, and many other Spanish-speaking countries. There are summer travel awards available to help you finance your efforts to study abroad.
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Community-Based Learning

Spanish-speaking communities make up a large portion of Lancaster City, offering opportunities to practice your language skills at cultural and social events. Our students have volunteered with the Festival Latinoamericano, Latino Health Summit, and more.

Research Opportunities

Every student at F&M has extraordinary opportunities to engage in independent or faculty-led research. With faculty guidance, you can do a more in-depth dive into the topics related to the Spanish-speaking world that interest you most.
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Spanish Tutoring

As you begin learning Spanish at F&M, you can work one-on-one with a peer language tutor. Our tutors can guide you through Spanish homework, share Spanish-specific study skills, help you prepare for exams, and more. 

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The Spanish Language Center

The language experts at our Spanish Language Center are available to help with the complex process of learning to communicate in another language. You can turn to the SLC for individual, collaborative support to develop your Spanish written and oral expression, from essays and theses to presentations, slide design, podcast, etc. We can also help you prepare for internships and job interviews in which Spanish is required. Whether Spanish is your heritage language or a second language for you, we are here to help you. The SLC is open to all the College community.

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Honors in Spanish

Completing an independent study can lead to honors in Spanish. To be considered for honors, you must first be nominated based on the results of your independent study, after which you will continue to research, defend, and refine results.

Success Beyond F&M

The study of Spanish is not only an enriching personal experience, but also a valuable professional tool. The interpretive skills, practical skills, cultural knowledge and awareness, and intellectual connections you gain by studying Spanish at F&M will open the door to any post-college plan.

Graduate School and Fellowships

It’s not uncommon for Spanish graduates to be awarded prestigious fellowships and continue their academic and professional development abroad. Alumni enroll in law, business, and medical school, have been awarded Fulbright teaching assistantships, or go on to work as English language teaching assistantships in Spain. 

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Career Paths

Recent graduates of Spanish at F&M have pursued careers in law, medicine, business, and non-profit organizations. They hold positions such as: 

  • Attorney
  • Teaching Fellow
  • Translator
  • Doctor

F&M Common Hour

Pulitzer Playwright Pieces Together 'My Broken Language'

It wasn't until graduate school that Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Quiara Alegría Hudes discovered her native tongue. It was there at Brown University that Paula Vogel, creative writing professor and herself a Pulitzer winner, gave Hudes advice that changed her life forever: "Your Spanish is broken. Write your broken Spanish." Hudes' broken language was the topic of an F&M Common Hour.
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Alumni Spotlight

Connecting the Dots in Immigration and Refugee Reform

Born in Guatemala and raised in Boston, Leora Sammett '22 grew up around diverse immigrant communities. But it wasn’t until she arrived on campus that she fully realized her passion for working with immigrants and refugees. Sammett declared a major in sociology and a minor in Spanish — disciplines she feels are crucial to her intended career path.
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