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Herzlich Willkommen! German instruction has a long tradition at Franklin & Marshall College. Founded in 1787 in the heart of Pennsylvania German country, the college offered instruction in both German and English for the following decades and was the first bilingual college in the country.

The current faculty is continuing this long-standing spirit of innovation with extraordinary success. As a result of a restructuring of the curriculum in 2009, our focus shifted to developing students’ German linguistic and cross-cultural competencies through a literacies-based curriculum. In the German curriculum at F&M, cultural themes and authentic texts – print, visual, and audiovisual – take center stage at every level, and every course counts toward a major or minor. Our departmental approach to teaching and learning German has become a model for many others, and our students have gone on to win fellowships, enter prestigious graduate programs, and embark on successful careers.

In the fall of 2019, the Franklin & Marshall College German program was named a “German Center of Excellence” by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). The AATG German Centers of Excellence program identifies and honors excellence at all levels of instruction K-16. The designation is presented to a well-established and growing German program with strong support from the administration, colleagues, alumni, and students.


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Additional Course Information

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad, usually in their Junior Year, choosing from a broad selection of programs approved by the College's Office of Off-Campus Study. 

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Departmental Awards and Honors

German and German Studies offers different departmental awards and honors including membership in the National German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha.  

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Read more about some of the fellowships our recent alumni have been awarded. 

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Story 5/17/2023

Dream Achieved: Williamson Medalist Nadya Ivanova '23

Nadezhda “Nadya” Ivanova, of Sofia, Bulgaria, is this year’s recipient of the Henry S. Williamson Medal, Franklin & Marshall College’s most prestigious award for student achievement.  

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Story 5/13/2023

Williamson Medal Citation in Honor of Nadezhda Ivanova,...

The Williamson Medal is the highest student award presented each year at Franklin & Marshall’s Commencement. This year, the Williamson Medal is awarded to Nadezhda (Nadya) Ivanova.

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Story 3/25/2022

Student Realizes Her Future as Teacher in German Studies

Whether in studies or careers or life, there are sign posts we pass that point us toward a direction we want to follow. We may not notice them until we’ve passed enough of them. 

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Story 5/4/2021

Nine Students Earn All-College Awards

Franklin & Marshall’s All-College Awards were presented to one graduating senior and eight underclassmen at the April 30 Recognition of Honors and Awards Ceremony.

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Story 7/28/2020

Scholarly Spotlight - Languages

 Scholarly Spotlight features the work of faculty on a regular basis. Here’s a sampling of recent publications by members of several languages departments.

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