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I’m definitely interested! How do I confirm my place in the program?

Once you have applied to F&M via regular decision, you will receive an invitation to apply to the iF&M program. Students will receive notice of admission to iF&M at the time of admission to the college. At that time you will have until the May 1 deadline to decide whether or not to accept the offer.

How many students will be selected to participate in iF&M?

We are planning for a group of 14 students.

How is it unique from standard study-abroad programs?

iF&M is distinctly a Franklin & Marshall experience. The program is owned and operated by the College, not a third party, and your mentor throughout your semester in England will be a tenured F&M faculty member, not an administrator. You will learn how to think critically and problem-solve in true F&M fashion—but in an exciting and culturally enriching location!

What is the cost of the program?

The cost is equivalent to the typical cost you would pay for a semester of classes and room and board on campus. More information on costs.

When do I arrive in England?

You will arrive at ASE sometime in the final week of August and settle in for a weeklong orientation. Exact dates are determined in the months leading up to the term.

What documents or forms do I need to complete in order to travel outside the U.S.?

All participants will require a current passport. Citizens of countries other than the United States may need a visa as well. All participants will be advised of required travel documents upon acceptance to the program.

Will I have time to explore England while I am there?

A number of excursions and field trips are planned as part of the program. These outings are designed to both complement your courses as well as introduce you to England and the United Kingdom. Independent travel will be allowed with prior  approval from the ASE staff.

Will my class credits count toward my F&M degree?

Yes! All courses are from F&M credit and will be applied to your standard degree program. The program is designed to keep you on track for an on-time graduation with the rest of the class of 2028.
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