Learning Outcomes for the Major in Italian and Italian Studies 

Skills: Upon completion of the Italian or Italian Studies major, students will have attained proficiency in the target language and they will be able to communicate effectively and cohesively in both written and oral discourse. They will have learned modes of critical analysis and enhanced their independent inquiry. They will have developed new interpretive skills and creative thinking abilities that may be transferable to other disciplines or applied to a variety of career paths.  

Knowledge: Students will be able to demonstrate a solid knowledge of Italy’s present and past contributions to literature, cinema, the arts, and politics. They will be able to present, connect, and analyze major Italian literary texts in the contexts in which they were written while discussing the perspectives they represent.

Habits of Mind: With a full immersion in Italian language and cultural tradition students will be able to build linguistic, cultural, and cross cultural competence. The intellectual discovery and reflective experience that they will gain through a deep engagement with Italian language and culture will contribute to their life-long ability for independent learning.