5/04/2016 Emily Meneghin

Alumna heads to Italy to gain teaching experience

Emily Meneghin '15 is heading to Italy to work as an English Teaching Assistant in an Italian high school.  Here's what she writes about this opportunity and her experience studying Italian at F&M:

"This fall I will travel to Varese in Lombardia for 8 months as an assistant teacher in an Italian high school through the SITE program at Dickinson College. My duties will take me in and out of the classroom, and I'll have an independent research project to work on throughout my time. As of now, I plan to do some work on the representation of women in Italian arts, media and culture. I've never been away from home for that long, but will geographically be in close proximity to my family still in Italy. I'm also excited to expand upon my teaching experiences, challenge myself, and, of course, be reunited with my favorite culture (and cuisine) in the whole world.

My experience in the Italian Department was a highlight of my years at F&M.  My Italian professors became like a second family to me.  When I applied to college I did not know what I wanted to study.  As I am originally from Italy, my first semester I decided to challenge myself and take a 300 level Italian course on I gialli, or murder mysteries. This upper-level literature course definitely encouraged me to improve my Italian. By my senior year I was able to work on an independent project on Commedia dell'Arte, an old style of Italian theatre, both satirical and physically exaggerated, combining the subjects of my joint-major: Italian and Theatre. 

I studied abroad twice, in Vicchio and Padova.  The opportunity to speak Italian, study the culture, develop my language skills, and immerse myself in Italian life was more than I could have hoped for. After graudation, I travelled during the summer of 2015 to Vicchio a second time as a T.A. and learned valuable lessons about teaching, the subject matter the F&M students were learning, but also about myself. My time at F&M with such great mentors in the Italian program have revealed my passions for education, culture and language. I hope in the future to tie these in with my other passions of theatre and social justice. 

I can only thank F&M for opening so many doors for me, including that within myself."

Grazie a te, Emilia, e in bocca al lupo in Italia!

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