Alumni Profile: Colin Wall '15

My Italian studies at Franklin & Marshall not only shaped my college experience, but has helped me to continue studying the topics I am passionate about. I knew I wanted to study abroad in Italy my junior year, so I began my minor right away. After two years of study with the Lerner tag-team duo, I was ready to go to Vicchio the summer after my sophomore year. It was an incredible experience, both rewarding and challenging. I made life-long friends, travelled the Italian countryside, and learned at least one valuable life lesson (primarily, "Tutto in moderazione"). Not only was it a blast, but the immersive nature of the trip allowed us to make a huge jump in our ability. This was gratifying on an intellectual level, for sure, but most importantly it allowed me to show off when I studied in Bologna with a bunch of Dickinson kids. After coming back to F&M, I finished out my minor with a wonderful seminar on the Italian renaissance. 

Recently, I began graduate school at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where I am continuing my studies in international relations. I do not believe I would have been accepted if not for my experience in Italy and my ability to speak a second language at an advanced level. I was so happy to learn that there is now an Italian major at F&M. I can't think of a department or faculty that deserves it more. I owe them a great deal. Grazie e viva il mat.


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