Explore the hidden roots of language. 

Language has been called the greatest achievement of humankind.

We often take our ability to speak for granted, but it is a complex endeavor requiring the brain to choreograph a wide array of tasks ranging from memory to muscle control.

Then, there is the mystery of language itself. What is a word? Why, in English, do we pronounce the "e" in haunted, but not in fished? Why does my cousin from Alabama say, y'all? How many languages are spoken in the world? Which language is the hardest to learn?

You can find the answers to these questions and more by exploring the field of Linguistics the study of the nature of language as a system of human communication.

Importantly, Linguistics draws on knowledge from a wide range of fields including psychology, sociology, biology and philosophy.

At Franklin & Marshall, our interdisciplinary Linguistics Field of Interest benefits from our comprehensive liberal arts curriculum and the strengths of our overall language program.

With small class sizes, close faculty relationships and independent study opportunities, students will discover a field as rich and varied as the languages spoken around the globe.