F&M in Cuba Summer 2020 info session

October 29 '2019 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Joseph International Center Forum 101

Summer Travel Course 2020:

 F&M in Cuba: Cuban Culture and Politics (GOV/LAS/IST 370), taught by Government Prof. Stephanie McNulty and Spanish Prof. Kathrin Theumer 

Cuba has been described as a place where temporality is cyclical rather than linear, a repeating island, an ajiaco (a Cuban stew) always on the burner but never the same. Students will explore the origin of these metaphors of Cuban national identity from an interdisciplinary perspective as they develop their understanding of the island’s culture, complex political system and history as the oldest communist country in the Western hemisphere.
Students will spend one week at Franklin & Marshall College and two weeks in Havana.
Pre-requisites: SPA 201 or the equivalent language ability