F&M in Japan

November 19 '2019 11:45 am – 12:30 pm

Joseph International Center Forum 101

Summer 2020 Travel Course - F&M in Japan: Kumamoto - Past, Present and Future

Students will spend one week in Lancaster and 2 1/2 weeks in Japan with Prof. Miura and other F&M students. While in Kumamoto, students will stay in a downtown hotel and have class at Kumamoto University, allowing F&M students to meet students from KU. Field trips include visits to a “hidden Christians” village on Amakusa Island, Minamata, as well as Kumamoto Castle. Students spend the final two days in Tokyo to further consider the uniqueness of Kumamoto in comparison to Japan’s capital city. The objectives of this course include in-depth understanding of the uniqueness of Kumamoto, Japan, from historical, sociological, and cultural perspectives.

No pre-requisites. Kumamoto: Past, Present and Future will satisfy a Non-Western or Humanities requirement.