Billing and Payment Information

The following points describe the billing policy for most students studying off-campus. Some programs require an exception to this policy, and are described below under "Exceptions".

Families who wish to use the monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) may do so for fees billed by Franklin & Marshall. Non-tuition fees that are paid to the host institution cannot be included in the TMS monthly plan. Contact your program to determine if they offer a monthly plan for payment of non-tuition fees. 

If you have any questions regarding your student account, please call the Business Office at 717-358-4213.

You may also find our 2-minute Cost, Financial Aid, Scholarships video useful in explaining the Off-Campus Study Financial Policy. All students are required to watch this video before meeting with an OCS adviser.


For programs taking place during the academic year, students will be billed their normal Franklin & Marshall College's tuition and in turn, Franklin & Marshall will pay the off-campus study program's tuition. This bill will be issued by the Business Office at Franklin & Marshall.

Students who receive Grant-in-Aid benefits will continue to access these benefits for the semester off-campus. This benefit is only available to students of eligible full-time F&M faculty and staff. Students who receive Tuition Exchange benefits will continue to access these benefits for the semester off-campus.

Off-campus study programs should send the bill for tuition fees directly to:

Franklin & Marshall Business Office
PO Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003


Using F&M Financial Aid for Off-Campus Study

During the academic year, students will continue to be eligible for financial aid during a term of off-campus study.  This includes federal and state loans and Franklin & Marshall merit scholarships and need-based grants.  In general, eligibility for financial aid is based on Franklin & Marshall tuition, cost of housing and meals from the off-campus study program, and an allowance for books and personal expenses.  Your annual estimated family contribution as generated by your FAFSA will remain the same regardless of program costs.  

Students who receive Grant-in-Aid benefits will continue to access these benefits for the semester off-campus.  This benefit is only available to students of eligible full-time F&M faculty and staff.  Students who receive Tuition Exchange benefits will continue to access these benefits for the semester off-campus.

Students whose financial aid award exceeds the amount of the F&M tuition charges will be sent a refund.  Refunds are typically calculated approximately two weeks after the start of F&M's current semester, and refunds will be mailed to the student's home address unless otherwise specified.  If you wish to have the refund mailed to you at another address or mailed directly to your Off-Campus Study host institution, talk to Tonya Hsiung in the F&M Financial Aid office.


Program Deposits

Students will pay any required program deposits to the off-campus study program. In most cases, the deposits will be credited to non-tuition fees (like the housing fee). If this is not possible, the deposit will be credited to the student's tuition bill from Franklin & Marshall.


Non-Tuition Fees

All other non-tuition fees will be billed directly from the program to the student.

In addition to non-tuition fees (billed directly from the program to the student), there are additional costs associated with off-campus study (such as airfare, independent travel, books, etc...). To view this information in more detail, please consult the Budget Sheets built into each program page on our Off-Campus Study Portal

Remember to subtract any financial aid that you will receive from federal or institutional loans and scholarships, from your program, and including the Franklin & Marshall airfare allowance credit when applicable.  

Additional Course-Associated Fees

During the academic year, the cost for field trips and study tours that are part of a course taken for credit will be paid for by Franklin & Marshall as part of tuition.  Discuss these course trips with your off-campus study adviser to fully understand what costs will be covered by your tuition.  

Summer Programs

Students participating in off-campus study programs during the summer term will be billed for the full cost of the program by the program provider. Franklin & Marshall will not be involved in the billing process.

The exception to this are F&M's Summer Travel Courses, which are led by F&M faculty and for F&M students only. These programs are listed as "F&M in .........", and students in these programs will be billed by the F&M business office.

Airfare Allowance Credit (semester only)

Franklin & Marshall recognizes that airfare is an added expense for off-campus study and grants an airfare allowance credit to students studying on semester programs. The amount of the credit is determined as an average for travel to a region. This credit happens automatically and appears on the student's tuition bill from Franklin & Marshall for the semester they are studying off-campus.

United States $0
Canada $250
Europe (except Russia), Mexico, Caribbean $750
Russia, Central America, South America 
(except Brazil, Chile, Argentina)
Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Asia $1,250
Africa, Australia, Middle East, New Zealand $1,500



Franklin & Marshall Comprehensive Fee

Students participating in the Dickinson College programs will be billed by Franklin & Marshall for the College's tuition, housing, and meal plan costs. The College will pay required program fees. Students will be responsible for other costs such as optional field trips and health insurance. 

Short Fall Semester

Some fall semester programs in the United Kingdom through the Institute for Study Abroad and Arcadia are on a shortened calendar. Students will earn 3 to 3.5 Franklin & Marshall course credits on these programs. Franklin & Marshall will prorate the student's tuition fee based on the number of credits earned.

Exchange Programs

Franklin & Marshall holds exchange agreements with several institutions abroad, meaning that we both send students to and receive students from these institutions for a semester or year of study. Students participating in exchange programs are billed an administrative fee of $500 per semester and a program fee of $5000. Students will be billed directly by the institution for housing and meals. Check the institution's website (accessible from our Programs pages) for current costs. Students on exchange programs will not receive an Airfare Allowance Credit.