In order to study off campus, you must work through our office to make sure both financial aid and credit transfer, and to receive other important information and services that will help you have a successful experience.

SUMMER/FALL 2023 - Students should be preparing to depart for programs and can be in touch with their OCS Advisor directly as needed.

SPRING 2024 - The advising cycle is now closed. Students should be working on active application materials and be in touch with their OCS Advisor directly as needed.

SUMMER/FALL 2024 - The advising cycle will open in mid-September! All F&M students will receive the weekly Sunday newsletter beginning in early September.

OCS Advising & Application Process 

Spring 2024 advising is now closed.

Summer/Fall 2024 advising will open in mid-September.

Please note Summer and Semester application processes function on two distinct timelines and have different requirements. Students who intend to study off campus in both a Summer and Semester term will be required to complete both application processes. 

OCS Timeline & Deadlines

You should begin the off-campus study process at least two semesters in advance of the term you intend to study off campus. For science majors, you may begin your research and discussions with advisors as early as your freshman year. Refer to this timeline checklist as often as you need to as a reminder of when you should be working on certain tasks.

Which term should you study off-campus? Consult the Choosing your Term page for important advice.

Note that the timeline and deadlines differ for Summer OCS Programs and Semester OCS Programs.

Ways To Connect 

  • Drop-in Virtual Advising

    Students interested in meeting with an OCS Advisor should drop into our virtual weekly advising! Go to our Events page to find a time that works for you and to register for advising.
    (Note that drop-in advising is intended for quick questions and conversations. Students who start an official application for a specific summer or semester term will have the opportunity for longer 1-on-1 advising appointments with the OCS Advisors.)
    Examples of drop-in advising questions:
    • Why should I consider Off-Campus Study? What are the benefits?
    • I'm not sure which term makes the most sense for my Off-Campus Study experience - can you help guide me?
    • I have 2 majors and a lot of degree requirements left - is Off-Campus Study feasible for me?
    • Is there a specific professor in my major or minor departments that can help me with academic planning?
    • What if my GPA is below 2.75?
    • What should I be thinking about as I plan to start the advising and application process?

  • Newsletter Archive

    Miss one of the weekly OCS e-Newsletters? Check out the Newsletters Archive webpage to ensure you have the important OCS information you need, including:

    • Getting Started & Application Process
    • Timeline/Deadlines
    • Webinars
    • Drop-in Advising
    • Other videos and resources

  • Events & Info Sessions

    Check out our OCS Virtual Fair to learn more about the various F&M program partners. 

    Come to a Dips Abroad News Hour! Throughout the semester, our office will be offering virtual info sessions and workshops on a variety of topics related to Off-Campus Study. Please visit our Events page to see upcoming virtual events.

    The weekly Off-Campus Study eNewsletter will also announce the News Hours coming up each week, so be sure to pay attention each Sunday when you receive the newsletter in your F&M inbox!


  • Student Stories

    • Animal Behavior majors conducting field research in Tanzania.
    • Government majors interning in British Parliament.
    • Public Health majors interning with the CDC in Kenya.
    • Environmental Science majors exploring underwater ecosystems in Turks & Caicos.
    • Spanish majors studying Latin American Literature with Peruvian students at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
    • English majors reading Jane Austen in Bath, England.
    • Astrophysics majors taking physics courses at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.
    • Psychology majors studying the psychology of human sexuality in Copenhagen.

    And more! Check out our "Student Stories" website to read about F&M students off-campus, where they went, what they studied, and how it impacted their lives and their academic and professional trajectories.

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