Off-Campus Study Housing

Housing options during your off-campus study program will vary by program. Some programs may allow students to choose their housing option; other programs require all students to live in a certain type of housing. Typical housing arrangements may include apartments, homestay, or on-campus housing at a local university.

In order to maximize cultural immersion and integration, F&M students may not live with other F&M students in the same program. The only exceptions to this rule include a homestay or a Summer Travel Course. Two F&M students may live together with a host family or as part of a Summer Travel Course.

Please note that some programs may offer students the option to pursue independent housing (outside of the regular housing options provided by the program). F&M does not allow students to choose independent housing unless there is a significant academic or cultural reason (such as wanting to live in a homestay when only apartment housing is provided). Independent housing carries many risks, and F&M and the program provider cannot provide any support to students who pursue independent housing.

Students who are interested in pursuing independent housing will need to contact their off-campus study advisor to petition for approval to pursue this option.

F&M Housing

If you have any questions about your F&M housing before or after your off-campus study term, search "abroad" on the F&M Housing FAQ website. For all other questions, please contact Ms. Lori Foust, Director of Housing.