The Center for Opinion Research is a full-scale survey research organization with a state-of-the-art call center, a modern focus group facility, and a team of expert project managers and highly skilled interviewers. A full range of data collection methods are available, including telephone, web, and mail surveys, focus groups, and depth interviews.

Over the years, the Center has established a reputation for outstanding accuracy and insightful data analysis. Our team has expertise in survey research, qualitative research, data entry and verification, transcription, program evaluation, and statistical analysis and reporting. We collaborate closely with staff and faculty from many departments at F&M, and our work is significantly enriched by the academic wealth of the college. In addition to conducting survey research for clients, we also pursue scholarly research, studying the methodologies and mechanisms of survey research itself. Therefore, evidence-based practices guide our choice of methodologies, which results in very effective survey instruments and highly reliable data.

Our philosophy is to design and conduct studies customized to the needs of each individual client, and our project managers have significant experience helping organizations evaluate needs, define research goals, and design effective research strategies.